Trade-in Program

Get up to a ¥51,840 discount!
When changing models, trade in your current au smartphone or mobile phone!

Models eligible for trade-in/Trade-in prices (points)

The models eligible for trade-in and the trade-in prices (points) are subject to change without prior notification.

Upon trade-in, your WALLET points will be restored. The exchange rate is 1 point = ¥1 off from the tax included price.

(Corporate customers: awarded au points.)

Models eligible for trade-in/trade-in prices (points) from July 1, 2019.

Android™ smartphone

Models eligible for trade-in Trade-in prices (points)
Undamaged products Products with a cracked screen
Xperia XZ2
Premium SOV38
(15,000 points)
(4,860 points)
(10,000 points)
(3,240 points)
(8,000 points)
(2,700 points)
X Performance SOV33
Z5 SOV32
(5,000 points)
(1,620 points)
Z4 SOV31
Galaxy S9+
(20,000 points)
(6,480 points)
Galaxy S9
Galaxy Note8
Galaxy S8+
Galaxy S8
Galaxy S7
edge SCV33
(10,000 points)
(3,240 points)
Galaxy A8
(5,000 points)
(1,620 points)
Galaxy S6
edge SCV31
(10,000 points)
(3,240 points)
R2 SHV42
(3,000 points)
(1,080 points)
R compact SHV41
sense SHV40
10 HTV32
V30+ LGV35
Beat LGV34
miraie f

feature phone

Models eligible for trade-in Trade-in prices (points)
Undamaged products Products with a cracked screen
Simple Phone KYF36 ¥3,000
(3,000 points)
(1,080 points)

Android™ Tablet

Models eligible for trade-in Trade-in prices (points)
Undamaged products Products with a cracked screen
Qua tab PX ¥3,000
(3,000 points)
(1,080 points)
Qua tab PZ
Z4 Tablet SOT31

Applicable conditions

Condition1 Purchase an au smartphone, iPhone, au mobile phone, or au tablet by changing models from a device eligible for trade-in()

This benefit will add to your WALLET points (au points for corporate customers). Points awarded can be used for purposes other than discounting the device price with a model change. Points awarded will be applied to the content at the time of trade-in.

: devices that have been used for 3 or more months (at least 91 days) are eligible.

[When not changing models and trading in at the same time]

  1. When trading in at a later date, you must do so by the end of the next month after changing models. Take the eligible model that you will trade in and the model change (device extension) application form (customer copy) to the store at which you got your model change.
  2. When trading in by mail, you must request at the store when applying for a model change. You will be sent a retrieval kit within about 1 week using Japan Post addressee restricted delivery mail (special case). You must send the device to be traded in using Letter Pack for Return within 10 days after receiving the retrieval kit. WALLET points (au points for corporate customers) will be awarded about 2 weeks after the arrival of your device to be traded in to the au Trade-in Mail Reception Center. Trade-in conditions (eligible models, points, etc.) are the dame as with in-store trade-in.

    For details about trade-in by mail click here (in Japanese only)

  • Models eligible for trade-in are newly purchased models registered to KDDI.

Condition2 Your device to be traded in must be working normally, with no defects or water-damage.

  • The following models eligible for trade-in cannot be handled as normal products for trade-in.

1.The power does not turn on.

2.The charging lamp does not light even when charging.

3.The passcode lock is not canceled and the phone has not been completely reset.

4.There is a response to water leakage stickers placed in manufacturer-designated locations.

5.The serial number cannot be confirmed, the device has been modified, or other circumstances that void the manufacturer warranty.

  • Depending on the product, the method and items of confirmation may differ.
  • If the screen is cracked or there is another type of damage to the exterior, the trade-in price will differ.
  • For other notes, click here.

Customers requesting trade-in shall backup their data ahead of time.

How to apply for trade-in

Apply at au shops, other stores that handle au products.

○You cannot apply at some au shops. For details please check au shop locater.

(* For trade-in at stores other than au shops contact the store you intend to visit.)

〇In the following three situations, trade-in is performed using WALLET points at a later date.

  1. When changing models at an au shop, trade in at a later date by mail is also available. Click here to check how to apply.
  2. au Online Shop (in Japanese only)
  3. Apple Store (in Japanese only)
  • WALLET points can be used for purposes other than discounting the device price with a model change.
  • After trade-in, the phone cannot be returned to the customer.
  • Prepaid phones are not eligible for model change.
  • For each au mobile phone purchased, 1 eligible model can be traded in.
  • Backup of data and initialization of the device being traded in is the responsibility of the customer.
  • After the device is traded in, all data is deleted and cannot be recovered.
  • When trading in, remove all memory cards, straps, and other accessories. After trade-in, all accessories will be disposed of.
  • Disposal of phones that are traded in is not offered.
  • If the model traded in is on a payment plan with a remaining balance, you will continue payments.
  • If the contractor is under 20 years old, they must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian or have said guardian’s written consent. The consent form (Japanese/other language) can be downloaded below.
  • When applying on the au online shop, some details may differ. For details please see the au online shop website.
  • There is no limit to the Trade-in Program, but the models eligible for trade-in and the amount of WALLET points awarded are subject to change.
  • The content of the Trade-in Program is subject to change without prior notification.
  • Check for other costs arising from the contract at the store.
  • The information described herein is current as of July 1, 2019.
  • iPhone is trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
  • The iPhone trademark is used under license from AiPhone Co., Ltd.
  • All of the indicated amounts include tax.
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