Repair and Delivery Support


This paid membership service provides you with support in the event of malfunction, loss, theft, or other incidents that may occur with your important smartphone or tablet.

  • You can subscribe to this service only when you purchase an au mobile phone. If you cancel your subscription, you cannot re-apply for the service until you purchase an au mobile phone again.

How to use the replacement mobile phone delivery service

4 steps to solve the problem when your smartphone is not functioning correctly



Monthly basic charge

5G Smartphones
5G Tablets


4G LTE Smartphones
4G LTE Tablets


4G LTE feature phones
Data communications terminals
4G LTE Photo Storages*2
4G LTE stand-alone routers*2


au Certified

iPhone 13


iPhone 13 Pro




  1. ¥418 per month for smartphones (4G LTE) and tablets (4G LTE) sold in or before September 2018. ¥1,309 per month for Galaxy Z Fold3 5G SCG11, Galaxy Z Flip3 5G SCG12, Galaxy Z Fold2 5G SCG05, Galaxy Z Flip 5G SCG04, Galaxy Z Flip SCV47, and Galaxy Fold SCV44.
  2. 4G LTE Photo Storage and 4G LTE stand-alone routers sold before September 2018 are not eligible.

Main services

Replacement mobile phone delivery service

In the event of malfunction, damage, loss, or other trouble involving the mobile phone which you are currently using, this service will deliver a replacement mobile phone of the same model in the same color (a refurbished product). The replacement will generally be delivered to you on the day following your claim submission. In some cases it may be delivered on the same day.

Claim submissions are limited only to persons who have subscribed to Repair and Delivery Support.

point 1

3-hour express delivery

If you live within the eligible area, the replacement can be delivered within 3 hours of your claim submission.

  • Eligible area: 23 wards of Tokyo, all districts of Osaka City
  • Eligible models: Smartphones, tablets, and mobile phones (4G LTE), data communication devices, Photo Storage devices (4G LTE), and stand-alone routers sold in or after October 2018
  • Hours: 9:00-17:00
  • Charge: ¥3,300 per use
point 2

*only with KDDI!

Liquid crystal protective film application

The replacement mobile phone will be delivered with the liquid crystal protective film applied.

  • Eligible models: Smartphones, tablets and mobile phones (4G LTE) sold in or after October 2018 (Not available for au Certified.)
  • Be aware that due to reasons of the product characteristics, liquid crystal protective film cannot be applied to the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G SCG11, Galaxy Z Flip3 5G SCG12, Galaxy Z Fold2 5G SCG05, Galaxy Z Flip 5G SCG04, Galaxy Z Flip SCV47, or Galaxy Fold SCV44.
point 3

Same day delivery

Same day delivery is available at the earliest if you submit your application by 12:00 noon in the Kanto, Chubu*3, and Kansai regions, or by 11:00 AM in the Kyushu*4 region.

  1. Aichi, Mie, Gifu, and Shizuoka prefectures (excepting some areas and remote islands)
  2. Service started from March 17, 2020 in Fukuoka, Kitakyushu, Saga, Oita, Nagasaki, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, and Kumamoto cities (excepting some areas and remote islands).
point 4

Picking up in a convenience store

If you file a claim online, you can choose to pick up your replacement phone in a convenience store.

point 5

Receiving shipments at the delivery pickup locker

When filing a claim online, you can choose delivery to the delivery pickup locker.

point 6

Web discount

Enjoy a ¥1,100 discount when you file a claim online.

point 7

Replacement with the same model

We will provide a replacement mobile phone (refurbished product) of the same model and color.

point 8

Starting from September 13, 2023

Setting support at the destination of delivery

Provides support such as data transfer and initial settings for delivered replacement mobile phones.

  • Eligible areas: 23 wards of Tokyo
  • Charge: ¥16,500 per use

To apply, contact the Repair and Delivery Support Center

  • For telecommunications carriers as of July 2019. Based on each company's website. Researched by KDDI.

We also have these kinds of support

Support for data recovery in the event of contact with water and when damaged

Recover image, video, and contact data from a device that have been broken due to exposure to water or damage.
Removed data will be given to you on a USB memory device.

Eligible models: 4G LTE smartphones, 4G LTE tablets and 4G LTE mobile phones sold in October 2018 and later
Charges: ¥5,500 per use (when successful)
Number of uses: once a year

If you have lost your important device

You can search for your lost smartphone or tablet on your PC or a KDDI operator can help you.

If you don't know how to operate your smartphone or tablet

When you have difficulty in using your device, a KDDI operator will provide support through remote operation.

Other enhanced after services

  • 3-year warranty service
  • Repair fee discount service
  • Renewal service for exposure to water and total damage

Additional benefits for 4G LTE customers

In case your valuable device malfunctions or is lost or stolen

  • The contract change fee is discounted by ¥1,100 when changing to a smartphone (4G LTE), mobile phone (4G LTE), tablet (4G LTE), or WiMAX2 + compatible model at any time other than when purchasing a device.
  • You can get a ¥110 discount off of the au IC card reissue charge when using the replacement mobile phone delivery service.


[General information on au After Service]

  • Only "mobile phone devices" and "battery chargers" with a trademark of "au" or "iida" are eligible for au After Service.
  • "Battery chargers" means devices such as an AC or DC adapter that can charge a mobile phone device.
  • Products that have been processed, modified, analyzed (including software modification and analysis (including routing, etc.), reverse engineering, decompiling, and disassembly), or repaired at a repair location not officially designated by KDDI are not eligible for warranty and may not be accepted for repair.
  • Note that using commercially-available non-genuine accessories other than au genuine parts may result in malfunction or failure.
  • Devices for which au cannot provide this service are not eligible for au After Service (example: digital network devices or other devices).
    Parts that are replaced in services such as "Three-year (One-year) warranty service", "Repair fee discount service", and "Renewal service for exposure to water and total damage" are collected and recycled by KDDI. They cannot be returned to the customers.
  • If there are multiple malfunctions, partial repair is not available. Partial repairs cannot ensure the product quality. For this reason, all of the malfunctions are repaired before the product is returned. (Depending on the items for repair, charges may be incurred.)
  • For inquiries, contact the Repair and Delivery Support Center.
  • Parts for repairs of au mobile phones and their peripheral devices are in stock for 4 years after termination of production (6 years for some models). The parts for repairs are the ones that are required for maintaining the product functions. After the period during which the parts for repairs are in stock, applications for repairs cannot be accepted. Even during this period, some malfunctions may not be able to be repaired due to lack of parts.
  • KDDI shall not bear any responsibility for any change or loss of data (address book, data folders, e-mail, etc.) that results from malfunction, repair or loss of au mobile phones or from other causes. The customer is responsible for regularly backing up the data.
  • The service contents of au After Service are subject to change without prior notice.

[Repair and Delivery Support]

  • If you subscribe to the service or cancel the subscription before the end of a month, the monthly charge is prorated.
  • When purchasing a new au mobile phone by changing a model or adding a device, the subscription to Repair and Delivery Support for the previous au mobile phone is automatically canceled.
  • If the customer's au contract or povo1.0 contract is canceled or temporarily suspended, the subscription to Repair and Delivery Support will be automatically canceled.
    However in the event of the rate plan changes listed below, Repair and Delivery Support continues and the monthly fee will be charged.
    1. Change from an au rate plan to a UQ mobile rate plan (including any subsequent change from a UQ mobile rate plan to an au rate plan)
    2. Change from a povo1.0 rate plan to an au rate plan
    3. Change from a povo1.0 rate plan to a UQ mobile rate plan

    Table showing whether or not Repair and Delivery Support can be continued (〇: Continued, ×: Canceled)

    Rate plan

    After change


    UQ mobile


    Before change




    UQ mobile






    1. If the procedure is performed at an au Online Shop or UQ mobile online shop, the user can select whether to continue or cancel the service.
  • In the case of transfer or succession of the au mobile phone, the Repair and Delivery Support service is carried over to the new customer.
  • Check the “Repair and Delivery Support” terms and conditions for details.

Checking your contract status

Check your contract status now in case of future need!
By logging into My au, you can check and change the contract status for the services that are available in case of malfunction, loss, operation, or other trouble.

Submit a Claim

Click here to file a claim for the replacement mobile phone delivery service.

Claim submissions are limited only to persons who have subscribed to Repair and Delivery Support.

  • All of the indicated amounts include tax unless otherwise specified.
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