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Stay convenient with au WALLET. This card makes everything easy.
Shop around without your wallet.

au WALLET Prepaid card and Credit card

au WALLET cards are cards for au users that they can freely use anytime anywhere. au WALLET cards will change your shopping experience by making it more convenient and allowing you to save more by using points. Don't miss out on the benefits!

au WALLET Prepaid card

au WALLET Prepaid card

Charge the card in advance with the amount you want to use with your smartphone or at an au shop and use it as if you were using cash. There is no need to worry about overusing the card!

About au WALLET Prepaid card and Credit card

au WALLET Market

A service that will turn you into a shopping expert.
Buy recommended products online or at an au shop. When shopping online, you can enjoy limited-time sales. At an au shop, you can apply to receive a water cooler.* The online store and au shops carry different products.

au WALLET Market au WALLET Market

Point 1

Get great bargains at reasonable prices!

au WALLET Market (online) is an online service where you can enjoy limited-time sale shopping.
You can also purchase experiences not available at an au shop (a trip, a meal at a restaurant, etc.), so check out this online store and enjoy a relaxed shopping experience.
Furthermore, at the au WALLET Market (au shop), you can apply to receive a Frecious water cooler, bringing you clean and refreshing natural water from Mt. Fuji.

Point 2

Payment and repurchasing is simple

Pay together with your au communications charges. Use your au WALLET Card or au WALLET Credit card.
You can easily purchase items you previously bought using your PC or smartphone, making buying daily necessities convenient.


WALLET Point is the point that you earn for the amount of money you use with au mobile phones and au Hikari.
Furthermore, by using au WALLET Prepaid card or au WALLET Credit card, you can earn points on everyday shopping.
Also, points can be used in various ways right away. You can use your points to charge au WALLET Card or exchange your points for products.

Earn points

Earn WALLET points by using au services and specified apps. Earn extra WALLET points by paying for your usual shopping with an au WALLET Prepaid Card or au WALLET Credit Card.

Earn points Earn points

Use points

Use points on your monthly au usage fees.
You can also use points for Data Charges to purchase additional data amounts in real time.
One point equals ¥1.

Use points in many other ways

Use points in many other ways Use points in many other ways

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