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Making an international call: Prepaid Services

Making an international call

The prepaid service lets you make international calls using the KDDI 001 service without entering into any separate contracts.

How to dial

Using with a CDMA prepaid phone

001010country codephone number [1]

Using with your current au phone

1401001010country codephone number [1]

  • [1] If the phone number starts with a 0, do not dial that 0 (there are some exceptions to this).
  • *Some special phone numbers are not accessible from general au phones.

Calling charges

Special prepaid service calling charges set by KDDI apply. The charges are the same for all time slots.
You can also make international calls with general credit cards and prepaid cards issued by international telephone companies.

Country/region name Call time
(amount of seconds callable for ¥20 (tax exempt))
USA (including Hawaii and Alaska) 12 sec.
Canada 9 sec.
Other North American countries (Mexico, etc.) 7 sec.
Guam & Saipan 9 sec.
South Korea 9 sec.
China, Taiwan, Macao 8 sec.
Singapore 7 sec.
Philippine 7 sec.
Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia 6 sec.
Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia 5 sec.
Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) 8 sec.
India 5 sec.
Other South Asian countries (Sri Lanka, etc.) 5 sec.
England 6 sec.
Germany & France 6 sec.
Other Western European countries (Italy, etc.) 6 sec.
Other European countries (Russia, etc.) 6 sec.
Other European countries (Russia, etc.) 5 sec.
Australia 7 sec.
New Zealand 7 sec.
Other Oceanic countries (Fiji, etc.) 6 sec.
Brazil 4 sec.
Peru 4 sec.
Other Latin American countries (Argentina, etc.) 4 sec.
West Indies (Cuba, etc.) 5 sec.
Middle East (UAE, etc.) 4 sec.
Africa 4 sec.