Prepaid Services

As of November 07, 2018, new applications for prepaid phones are no longer accepted. As such, note that you will not be able to make new contract if your contract is canceled due to the expiration of a prepaid card.

No more overuse hassles. Easy to use mobile phone service without basic charges.

au prepaid services are easy to use. Purchase a prepaid card and prepaid phone*, and just register for usage start-up to easily start using.
You can also use KDDI's 001 international calling service. By using a prepaid phone, you can use SMS (C-mail) for ¥5.14 (tax included) per message anywhere in Japan.

  • Prepaid phones may not be available depending on the store.

About prepaid

Point 1

No basic charges

You won't be charged a basic monthly rate. The charges for the amount of time you actually use the service will be deducted from the money registered in your card.

Point 2

Prepaid services are extendable with additional prepaid cards.

You can keep on using the prepaid service by registering add-on cards.

Point 3

SMS (C-mail) is available.

You can send and receive text messages with a SMS (C-mail) compatible model.
Note: Mails cannot be sent to mobile phones of other carriers.

Point 4

The service area is nationwide in Japan!

You can call to mobile phones and PHS phones as well as general phones from the Japan nationwide 3G service area.

Point 5

Calling overseas also available!

You can make international calls using the KDDI 001 service without entering into a contract.

Point 6

Change to a standard au mobile phone and keep the same telephone number.

Customers currently using prepaid services can enter into a contract for a standard au mobile phone with the same phone number as the prepaid phone.

Point 7

Prepaid cards are also usable with standard au mobile phones.

You can use a prepaid card with a standard contract au mobile phone also by simply purchasing and registering a prepaid card.

Prepaid card Lineups

1. Available card amount

  • ¥10,000
  • ¥5,000
  • ¥3,000
  • An expiration date is gradually set to cards that are sold from May 28, 2018. If registration is not completed as of the expiration date, the cards cannot be used.

2. Card types

  • Voucher type (a card number is indicated on a receipt, etc.)
  • Scratch card type
  • The scratch card type is no longer available from May 28, 2018. Purchase the voucher type.

How to use

Notes on the application process

  • When applying for prepaid service mobile phone procedures (new contracts, model changes, address changes, etc.), original identification documents are required.
  • Regarding new contracts and model changes, usage is possible after customer information has been registered and the registered individual is the contractual party.
  • If the user is a minor, parental consent is required via a "Parental Consent Form" (the consent section in the contract form) (However, when an elementary school age child is contracted, a parent must be present and that parent completes the procedures in place of the contractual party. In that case, identification documentation for that parent is required.).
  • If the contractual party changes, contract transfer procedures are absolutely necessary. The signature and seal of the transferring party and original identification documentation for the receiving party are required for the transfer procedures.
  • When subscribing to a new prepaid service, a contract fee of ¥4,000 is required. Also, a prepaid card of at least ¥6,000 must be purchased at the same time.
  • When changing to an au mobile phone (a model that is not compatible with an au IC card), a charge of ¥4,000 is required. When changing to an au mobile phone that is accompanied by the issue of an auIC card (a USIM card), a charge of ¥2,000 is required. However, when changing an au mobile phone (a model that is not compatible with an auIC card) to an au mobile phone that is accompanied by the issue of an auIC card (a USIM card), the charge is free.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Usage notes

  • Email and EZweb are not available with a prepaid.
    • Prepaid phones have an EzButton and email button, but they are not usable.
    • Email and EZweb are usable if you transfer to a standard au phone contract. You can continue using your current a prepaid phone with the same phone number as the one that you registered.
  • Answering service, voice mail, call forwarding, and any other services that require applications are not available for use.
    • Services other than SMS (C-mail), Caller ID display, Caller ID request, and 001 international calling service are not available for use.
  • When sending SMS (C-mail) from a prepaid phone, you have to select "prepaid send" or "puchi mail Α"
    • This is not necessary for C405SA and previous models.
  • Not compatible with packet communications.
  • New sign-ups without model change or mobile phone purchase incur a ¥4,000 prepaid phone setting processing fee.


  • If the other party disables their Answering Service (Voice Mail), you will not be able to send SMS (C-mail).
  • Mails cannot be sent to mobile phones of other carriers.


Please review the FAQs before contacting Customer Center.

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