The procedures when using another company's mobile phone

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Please follow the below link for procedures and important considerations when using an au IC card (SIM card)/eSIM with another company's mobile phone.


Make sure to read and understand the information below in "Important considerations regarding usage of non-au mobile phones", and visit your nearest au Style / au shop for details about procedures if necessary.

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When performing these procedures

Bring your SIM-unlocked non-au mobile phone or device [1] [2] with you.

  • [1] The au IC card can only be used with mobile phones or devices that are compatible with the communication methods and frequency bands provided by au. Before applying, check with the company from which you purchased the device for details about the communication methods and frequency bands that are supported.
  • [2] Before using, it will be necessary to check that the device has received certification of conformance to technical standards. Use of a non-au mobile phone or device that does not bear the "Giteki" (technical conformity) mark is a violation of Japan's Radio Act and may not be allowed to connect to the au network.

<For customers without an au contract>

<For customers with an au contract>

*If changing au IC cards to eSIM, perform procedures on My au app.

Important considerations regarding usage of non-au mobile phones

Confirmation and guarantee of operation for au IC card/eSIM

  • Since au does not confirm the operation of au IC card/eSIM when used with non-au mobile phones, au makes no guarantee regarding IC card operation for communications, including voice calls and data transmission. It is up to the customer to confirm how to set up and use a non-au mobile phone, and all relevant inquiries should be directed to the company from which the device was purchased.
  • The use of services, content, device functions, downloaded applications, and other features may be limited when using a non-au mobile phone. Please note that you will be charged the monthly fee for services and content, even if you are unable to use them on your non-an mobile device.

Setting up an Internet connection

  • Customers who use packet communications on a non-au Android mobile phone must set the access point. For details see the "5G NET (in Japanese only)" and "LTE NET" pages.

    *Internet connection via "LTE NET" has been available on non-au Android mobile phones since June 1, 2019.

    Check the link below for information about access point settings.

    Access point settings

  • Customers using data communication on iOS devices such as iPhones are required to join "5G NET (in Japanese only)" and "LTE NET". Since access point settings are automatically performed when the au IC card is inserted, manual settings and profile download are not required.

    Customers with non-au profiles (APN) can delete these profiles through the following procedures.

    Deleting APN configuration profiles

    *Application for "Network setting options" (free) is required if au is used on iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.
    Click here to apply (in Japanese only)

Usage Fees

With regard to rate plans, discount services, etc., the same fee structure used for au mobile phones is also used for all non-au mobile phones. Please note that if you are not signed up for a data (packet) flat-rate communication service, you may experience unexpectedly high packet communication fees. It is therefore strongly recommended that you sign up for a data (packet) flat-rate communication service. Also, please note that the LTE Single (data communication terminals, tablets, etc.) rate plan and discount service is not available to non-au mobile phone users.

Repairing non-au mobile phones and devices

Repairs and other after-sales services for non-au mobile phones are not handled by au. For information on how to handle repair issues, contact the company from which you purchased the device.

Exemption of Liability

Except in cases of willful or gross negligence on the part of au, au shall bear no responsibility for any loss, damage, or trouble that may result from using an au IC card/eSIM in a mobile phone or other device sold by another company.

  • All of the indicated amounts include tax unless otherwise specified.
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