Calling / sending SMS (text messages) overseas

How to make a phone call and send an SMS (text messaging method) from your travel destination

Making a call

+  -  Country code  -  Phone number without"0" at the beginning

Example: Calling from your travel destination to Japan number "03-1234-XXXX"
+ 81 (country code) -3 (area code) -1234XXXX (number of the person you are calling)

Example: Calling from the US to US number "123-456-XXXX"
+ 1 (country code) -123 (area code) -456XXXX (number of the person you are calling)

  • Press and hold "0" or "*" to dial "+".
  • If the person you are calling has a Japanese mobile phone, enter "81" (Japan) as the area code regardless of their travel destination.

Sending SMS (text messages) overseas

SMS (text messages) can be used the same way as in Japan.

Example : To send to XXX-YYYY-YYYY dial "XXXYYYYYYYY" and press send.

  • By phoneOpen 9:00 – 20:00

    • English

      0120-959-472(Toll Free)

    • Portuguese

      0120-959-473(Toll Free)

    • Chinese

      0120-959-476(Toll Free)

    • Korean

      0120-959-478(Toll Free)

    • Tagalog

      0120-933-952(Toll Free)

    • Vietnamese

      0120-933-961(Toll Free)

    • Japanese
      about au mobile services

      157(Toll Free)from au phones

      0077-7-111(Toll Free)

      about Internet services
      Contract / Fee / Billing

      0077-7084(Toll Free)

      Connection setting / failure

      0077-777(Toll Free)