WiMAX 2+ Option


By subscribing to LTE NET, you can use ultra high-speed data communication with a maximum receiving speed of 220Mbps or a maximum receiving speed of 110Mbps with WiMAX 2+ 4G LTE smartphones as well.

Monthly charges Not required Application Subscription to LTE NET is required*1

WiMAX 2+ communication speed and supported areas

WiMAX 2+ communication speed

WiMAX 2+ communication speed

This is a network that allows you to use ultra high-speed communication with a maximum receiving speed of 220Mbps*2 (with supported models during carrier aggregation) or a maximum receiving speed of 110Mbps (a maximum sending speed of 10Mbps).

*2 Except for some places
Carrier aggregation (in Japanese only)

WiMAX 2+ supported areas

WiMAX 2+ is available in major cities in Japan.

For details on service areas, click the link below.

Service area (in Japanese only)

Effective receiving speeds are 59Mbps to110Mbps for Android and 55Mbps to 108Mbps for iOS.

  • * The effective speed indicates that half of the receiving speeds in 10 cities in Japan, each of which was measured on July 31, 2015, according to the "Guideline for the Effective Speed (abbreviation)" established by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, are closed to the median value and are within this range.
    Concrete values, measured models, or other information. (in Japanese only)
  • * This is a measurement result of ten cities and effective speeds may differ depending on your usage area and communication environment.


  • The maximum communication speed varies depending on communication standards and supported areas.
  • 4G LTE and WiMAX 2+ connect to the network that KDDI deems has the least amount of traffic, in accordance to traffic and other conditions. "4G" appears on the screen display of the smartphone or tablet.
  • This service is a best-effort service. Note that the maximum communication speed is not the actual communication speed, but the maximum value based on the technical standards. The actual speed may fall substantially short of the maximum for various reasons including your use environment and the traffic amount even in the service area. Also, communication speeds up to the connection depend on the capabilities of devices.

[Regulations of 4G LTE / WiMAX 2+ / 3G communication speed]

  • If the total amount of communications of the month exceeds the data quantity for that month, the maximum communication speed for sending until the end of that month will be 128 kbps. (The communication speed restriction will be removed on the first day of the following month.) For data amounts purchased with Data Charge (excluding Wi-Fi WALKER WiMAX 2+ devices) or if you apply for the Extra Option, the communication speed restriction does not apply.
  • To avoid network congestion, a limit will be placed on the communication speed for a whole day if you have used more than 3GB of WiMAX 2+ and 4G LTE communications over the three most recent days. (Restrictions also apply for customers subscribed to the Extra Option.)
  • Regardless of whether you are subscribed to a Flat-rate Data service, your line may be temporarily suspended if the cost of the packet communications you use becomes high.
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