WiMAX 2+ Flat for DATA EX

This is a comfortable plan for the WiMAX 2+ router that allows you to use WiMAX 2+ communication as much as you want.
Experience savings with the included provider usage fee (LTE NET for DATA).

  • For WiMAX 2+ routers released from autumn 2017, plan names have "(L)".
Application Required


Monthly basic charges Monthly data quantities in high speed mode
When 2-year contract is applied [1]
The figure enclosed with ( ) indicates a charge before the application
When WiMAX 2+ Cost-Saving Discount is applied
Click here for details
WiMAX 2+
for DATA EX [2]
¥4,380 [3]
*Up to 25 months (including month of subscription)
None [4]
Option usage fee Only months in which high speed plus area mode [5] is used
Monthly data quantities in high speed plus area mode [5]
Yes (7GB)
  • For details about each mode, check the individual product pages.
  • [1]The contract is automatically renewed in two-year units. In the case of contract termination, a contract cancellation fee (¥9,500) is incurred (excluding the renewal period <the three month period from the month that the 2-year contract ends>)
    2-year contract
  • [2]Compared to WiMAX 2+ Flat for DATA, the speed may significantly decrease depending on the traffic conditions in a usage area.
  • [3]From the 26th month, ¥4,880/month when 2-year contract is applied and ¥5,880/month before 2-year contract is applied.
  • [4]This exemption does not apply to the communication speed restrictions that are imposed when the amount of communications using WiMAX 2+ in high speed mode exceeds 7 GB in a month. Even if you reselect high speed mode after the maximum communications speed for sending and receiving for WiMAX 2+ and 4G LTE in high speed plus area mode is reduced to 128 kbps after exceeding the 7 GB monthly limit on the total amount of communications, the speed of WiMAX 2+ communications in high speed mode and the speed for WiMAX 2+ and 4G LTE communications for that month are reduced to 128 kbps.
    For more information, see [About communication speed restrictions V] below.
  • [5]When high speed plus area mode is selected and communications are performed, the optional usage charge is applied (no application is required). The optional usage charge is applied for the entire month in which it is used, and it is not calculated on a prorated basis, even if you switch to a different mode.
    * The Extra Option is available.
    Extra Option
    By subscribing to au Smart Value mine, the high speed plus area option charge (¥1,005/month) is free.
    au Smart Value mine

Eligible models

WiMAX 2+ supported router

Discount services

  • WiMAX 2+ Cost-Saving Discount

    This service offers a discount of ¥500/month on the monthly basic charges up to 25 months.

    Condition: If you subscribe to WiMAX 2+ Flat for DATA, WiMAX 2+ Flat for DATA EX or WiMAX 2+ Flat for HOME [6] when you purchase a WiMAX 2+ router through a new contract or model change.

    • [6]The WiMAX 2+ Flat for DATA (2-year contract a), WiMAX 2+ Flat for DATA (4-year contract), and WiMAX 2+ Flat for DATA (2-year contract a) (new contracts no longer from February 19, 2015) plans for au Smart Value mine are also eligible.
    • * The discount automatically begins to be applied to the usage from the day on which an application for a new contract or model change is made. The discount will be terminated after it is applied for 25 months. Afterwards, normal charges are applied. If a 4-year contract is signed when WiMAX 2+ supported router is purchased, the discount period is up to 49 months.
    • * The discount applies to the monthly basic charges after all other discounts applicable to eligible models are applied. If the amount eligible for the discount falls below the amount of the discount, the amount eligible for the discount shall be set as the upper limit of the discount (The discount amount is calculated using the tax-excluded charges on a billing statement).
    • * If a subscriber changes a model, or suspends/cancels the use of the phone during the discount period, the application of the discount is deemed to terminate with the usage of the day before the day that such an application is made. The discount amount will be prorated.
    • * If you change from WiMAX 2+ Flat for DATA (4 years) to another rate plan, the discount will be terminated (The discount is applied until the day before the change).
    • * This service may not be available in combination with au Smart Value (router discount) or other campaigns offered by KDDI.
    • * Although there is no limit of time for "WiMAX 2+ Cost-Saving Discount", the conditions for receiving the discount or the discount amount may vary depending on the timing of the purchase. KDDI will give customers advance notice of any such changes.

About Universal Service Fund System

In accordance with the launch of the Universal Service Fund System, au began imposing a "Universal Service Fee" on customers in January of 2007. Click here to check the details.

About Universal Service Fund System

Notes on Communication Speed Constraints

[About the monthly communication restriction]

  • If using high speed plus area mode or the WiMAX 2+ Flat for DATA rate plan, if the total amount of WiMAX 2+ and 4G LTE communications you use for that month exceeds 7GB, the maximum speed for sending and receiving until the end of the month is reduced to 128kbps. (The communication speed restriction will be removed on the first day of the following month.)

[About communication speed restrictions]

  • If the total amount of communication used exceeds 10 GB over the three most recent days, the communication speed will be restricted to approximately 1 Mbps during the period of network congestion (6:00 pm to 2:00 am (*1)(*2)). The restriction applies regardless of the remaining data amount. This restriction still applies even if you are subscribed to the Extra Option.
  • If the communication charges become high, service may be suspended temporarily.
  1.  Communication restrictions will be gradually removed from 2:00 AM the following day; however, it may take up to 6 hours.
  2.  The communication restriction will be removed from the point you turn on your device if reconnecting to the communications network by turning on the power of your device after 2:00 AM the following day.


  • * A global iPv6 address and a private iPv4 address are assigned to WiMAX 2+ devices.
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