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au International Calling FLAT

International calls to 23 countries and regions around the world from au devices (in Japan) are available for up to 750 minutes per month!
(Up to 50 calls/month, each up to 15 minutes)

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What is 'au International Calling Flat'?

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'Free Initial Flat Rate Charge for au International Calling FLAT' will be applied for new subscribers after May 31, 2017.




If you apply for au International Call Flat Rate, you can make international calls with greater savings to 23 countries and regions around the world from au devices (in Japan) for up to 750 minutes (up to 50 calls/month, each up to 15 minutes) for a flat fee.

Application Required
Flat rate Required

Services eligible for the application and flat fee

Subscriber of any eligible Flat-rate Data Service Flat rate
  • Flat-rate Data 5 (5GB)
  • Flat-rate Data 8 (8GB)
  • Flat-rate Data 10 (10GB)
  • Flat-rate Data 13 (13GB)
  • Flat-rate Data 20 (20GB)
  • Flat-rate Data 30 (30GB)
  • Flat-rate Data cp(0.8GB)
  • Flat-rate Data 1 (1GB)
  • Flat-rate Data 2 (2GB)
  • Flat-rate Data 3 (3GB)

Calling charge

Overseas calls from Japan to target countries/districts using au International Call Service (dialing 010 first) will be charged as below.

Calling charge Talk time/call
Up to 15min/
Over 15min/
Calls/month First 50 calls/
Free +¥20/30sec
From 51st call/month Charge that applies to each call after the 50th call ¥300/call (tax-exempt)

Eligible models

  • 4G LTE Smartphones
  • iPhone (excluding iPhone 4S)
  • 4G LTE Feature phones

Target countries/districts

China (excluding Macao)/ Philippines/ South Korea/ Thailand/ Taiwan/ Vietnam/ Hong Kong/ Malaysia/ India/ Nepal/ Brazil/ Peru/ Mainland USA (excluding Alaska)/ Canada/ Mexico/ Hawaii/ Guam/ United Kingdom/ Austria/ Netherlands/ Norway/ Portugal/ Sweden

  • *As of June 1, 2016

Applicable period

Rates apply from the month following the month of subscription.

Get a free Initial Flat Rate Charge!

Free Initial Flat Rate Charge for au International Calling FLAT

New subscribers to the au International Calling FLAT service will not be charged for the initial flat rate fee of the service.

  • * The charge for the initial month that the service is applied is free.
  • * Applies only 1 time per phone line.


[Voice call service]

  • Calling charges for up to 50 calls/month of the 010 au International Calling Service are free for calls within 15 minutes made from within Japan to eligible countries or regions. After the 50th call, excess call charge of ¥300/call (tax exempt) applies to each call separately.
  • Any call exceeding 15 minutes, whether among the first 50 or later calls, is subject to a ¥20(tax-exempt) charge per every additional 30 seconds.
  • ★Calls can be also made by dialing 005345 instead of 010.
  • If the month changes during a call(Japan time), the call is counted in the month the call ends.
  • The call count will be carried over when a subscription is transferred or succeeded.
  • Status on service usage, such as call count, can be confirmed at My au or Customer Center(on status up to the previous day).
  • au International Calling Service sets a monthly use amount limitation(¥30,000(tax-exempt)) for its service. As soon as we confirm that ¥30,000(tax-exempt) has been surpassed, we will stop your use of it. (Fixed-rate and excess call charge for the optional service is not subject to the amount limitation.) We will also stop your use of the service until we are able to confirm payment of calling charges.
  • This optional International Call Service does not include calls made from/received in overseas countries, SMS(C-mail), satellite/maritime phone calls or calls from certain phone numbers designated by au. Free International Call Service may not be applied as an optional service in the following cases:
    • *When mobile phones subscribed to this optional service are used by connecting to communication equipment owened by the contractor or used to automatically transmit calls via software(except in cases approved by au).
    • *when this service is used as a telecommunication medium, forwarding function, or a connection with services provided by other carriers in order to gain direct income through telecommunication.
    • *When this service is used for reasons other than making calls.
  • Calls not included in this free call service will be charged separately(satellite maritime phones will be charged ¥50(tax exclued) per 30 seconds).
  • Subscribers to 001 International call discount services such as Mobile Talk who apply for this optional service will have their 001 International call discount service subscription automatically terminated by the end of the month of subscription(or the beginning of the following month) and replaced with Fixed-rate au International Calling Service. Until automatically terminated, calls using the calling conventional method (e.g. beginning with 001010, etc.) incur calling charges even if they are within 15 minutes. Please change to the 010 au International Calling Service before making a call.
  • Service may not be available due to connection issues with local carriers in the country or region you are calling.

[Application of Discount]

  • Rates apply from the month following the month of subscription. If the subscription for optional service is cancelled during the month of subscription, no discounts will apply on a pro rata basis and a flat rate will be charged.
  • Optional service will be suspended when the target subscription is changed to another non-target flat-rate data (packet) communication service and will be available only during the target subscription period.
  • A basic monthly charge, data communication charge, option fee and universal service fee will be charged separately.

*All of the indicated amounts exclude tax unless otherwise specified.

  • *The download process may be time-consuming when using an analog (or similar) connection due to the extremely large volume of the download data.