WIN Single-Teigaku WiMAX (Simple)

New applications are no longer accepted as of September 1, 2015

This is a rate plan for Wi-Fi WALKER WiMAX HWD13, DATA08 and DATA01. No individual contract is required per network.

Basic charges ¥5,477/month
  • * When the "2-year contract (Everybody Discount Single)" or the "WIN Single Set Discount" is applied
Application -


Flat-rate plan that includes WiMAX and CDMA packet communication charges. [1]. No individual contract is required per network.

  "2-year contract (Everybody Discount Single)" or "WIN Single Set Discount Service"
When enrolled When not enrolled
Basic charges ¥934/month ¥1,934/month
Maximum packet communications charges ¥4,543/month ¥4,543/month
With "Everybody Discount single"[2] or "Win Single Set Discount Service"[2] ¥5,477/month Packet communication charges: ¥0.04/packet
  • [1]The upper limit (included in basic charge in the case of "WIN Single Flat WiMAX (Simple)") is applied only to packet communication charges of "PacketWIN Single Service (including WiMAX packet communication charges)". Please note that additional connection fees may apply for connection to access points, which will be charged by your Internet service provider depending on the provider and course you use. Contact your provider for more details.
  • [2][2-year contract (Everybody Discount Single)/WIN Single Set Discount Service] See the following section about rate discount services.
  • * As Wi-Fi WALKER WiMAX HWD13/DATA08W/DATA07/DATA06/DATA01 are dedicated terminal devices for packet communications, they should be used in combination with compatible mobile devices. A contract with an Internet service provider is separately required for using these devices. "au.NET" (¥500/month) is selected in the default setting. In order to change the provider, a PC is necessary.
  • * If you sign up for the service, or cancel the contract partway through the month, the basic charge and maximum packet communication charges are calculated on a prorated basis.
  • * ¥500/month will be charged for customers using "au.NET".

Eligible models

  • DATA01

Universal service system

In accordance with the launch of the universal service system, subscribers of au phone services have been asked to pay a "universal service fee" from billing of January 2007.

Universal service system


[Restrictions on network]

In the case of using "WIN Single-Teigaku (Simple)", or accessing the network in the CDMA coverage area with "WIN Single Flat WiMAX (Simple)/WIN Single-Teigaku WiMAX (Simple)", when sending and receiving large amounts of data (e.g. attachment of movie files, file downloads) or sending and receiving continuous data (e.g. streaming, video playback), the maximum transmission speed may be limited depending on the state of network congestion to prevent excessive load on the network. Please note that such speed limit may cause trouble including a delay in the completion of data transmission or video that does not play smoothly.

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