Efforts for quality improvement of au Wi-Fi

Aiming at a more connectable and convenient Wi-Fi au Wi-Fi 5 improvements

1. au Wi-Fi speed almost doubled [1] !

Almost double!

au Wi-Fi uses the "HT40" standard that is capable of data communication using a bandwidth that is two times the existing bandwidth. Thanks to this, communication can be achieved at double the existing speed. Also, the "5GHz" bandwidth, which is hardly affected by other signals, is used. This helps achieve comfortable communication.
All 4G LTE smartphone models [2] are compatible with "HT40" and the "5GHz bandwidth".

  • [1] The HT20 and HT 40 communication speeds are assumed to be 72Mbps and 150Mbps, respectively.
    This service is a best-effort service. The stated speed is the maximum value based on technical standards.
  • [2] In addition to the 4G LTE models, ISW16SH and ISW13HT are also compatible.

2. Even during Wi-Fi stand-by, battery life is almost doubled!

Even during Wi-Fi stand-by, battery life is almost doubled!

No more worries about battery life when Wi-Fi is always turned on.
au has improved software to almost double battery life during Wi-Fi stand-by!

About the software update

Energy saving!

With Wi-Fi, battery consumption can also be reduced even when communication is established!

Mobile phone signals communicate with a distant base station, consuming a large amount of battery. On the other hand, Wi-Fi establishes communication at a relatively near distance, reducing battery consumption. Also, high-speed communication can be achieved, reducing the communication time. That also extends battery life.

  • *Slightly varies depending on the model and environment.

3. Smoother connection to au Wi-Fi SPOT!

The connection time cut in half!

Software optimization almost halves the connection time from when an au Wi-Fi connection is established to when communication starts.
This is not limited to the latest smartphones. By updating software, more users enjoy smooth connections.
Also, 4G LTE Android smartphones use"EAP authentication", which is a safer and faster connection method. When the icon lights up, you can start using and establish connections to au Wi-Fi more smoothly.


Wi-Fi network by connecting with EAP authentication, "au_Wi-Fi2"

This is the Wi-Fi network that establishes connections with EAP authentication when connecting models that support 4G LTE to au Wi-Fi SPOT. It is only available for models that support LTE. Customers using au iPhone 5 and iPad (models released in 2012) can use "au_Wi-Fi2" by updating to iOS7 or iOS8.

4. Switching timing can be tuned according to your walking speed!

Switching timing can be tuned according to your walking speed!

There are many au Wi-Fi SPOTs around the town.
Given the high speed and long battery life of your device, you want to utilize it as much as possible, don’t you?
However, communication may be interrupted because of frequent switching between Wi-Fi and mobile phone signals while you are walking.
To deal with this, the au Wi-Fi connection tool has improved to tune the switching timing according to your walking speed. Interruptions are now reduced, making au Wi-Fi available anywhere and comfortably.

5. Optimized signal strength results in more comfortable au Wi-Fi!

Before: Signals can be received but communication cannot be established After: Signals can be received and communication can be established

In Wi-Fi, communication becomes unstable if a user is far from an access point, resulting in signals being reachable but communication not being established.
au Wi-Fi SPOTs optimize the signal strength of access points. Adjustments are made so that communication can be established within the signal-receivable area to achieve comfortable Wi-Fi communication.

  • *Excludes some au Wi-Fi SPOTs.
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