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au Shop Service

au provides various services in different languages for foreign visitors.
au shops provide everyone with support from purchasing mobile phones to directions on use, repair, and other after-sales services.

Services Available at Stores

To assist customers with difficulty understanding Japanese, au has international staffs who can provide responses in foreign languages.
We are also promoting the introductions of Translation System of which special operators offer translation services in 8 different languages for free.

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◆What au shops can do for you

  • Subscription of new contract /model changes
  • Provide Technical Assistance
  • Provide other types of consultations
  • Accept payment of charges

au also has a foreign language customer center.
If you need a consultation or other service, please visit your nearest au shop.

What is the au Shop?

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Find an au shop providing Foreign language service.

Store Locator

Helpful Services

We provide various services to assist you. Please feel free to use our services.

  • Free charging service

    We provide a free charging service for your phones.

    * Not available at all stores

  • Memory Copying Service

    We have dedicated devices that can back up your important address book data available for use anytime.

    * Not available at all stores

Display Corner and au +1 Collection

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Furthermore, the display corners boast au accessories such as smartphone cases, earphones, and chargers that allow you to enjoy your smartphone life.

Tools to help you understand our service


  • *Tools are not available at all shops.
    Check the store locator for shops where tools are available.

Support Movies

Our International

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Cellphone Contract in Japan

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  • *Please refer to store locator in advance for stores with international staffs and Translation System.

Documents in Other Languages

au provides customers with service explanations and important announcements in foreign languages.
We promote easy-to-understand explanations when you are considering our services and after you have made your contract.
Here is one example.

International Calling Flat


For example, we have pamphlets for the International Calling Flat service in 5 languages.

Degital Catalog

For more details of price plans, data plans and other services, we offer catalogs with different languages.

Degital Catalog

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au shops have a support system in place so that customers that speak a foreign language can feel comfortable coming in.
We will be looking forward to serving you at stores.