Tethering types

With an au 5G/4G LTE smartphone, you can choose a tethering type to suit your use!

au tethering is unique in that you can use the tethering type that suits your use.

Make the best choice to enjoy a comfortable tethering life.

Recommended tethering types per use

Photo: Recommended tethering types per use

Wi-Fi tethering

point 1

A variety of compatible devices, including tablets, game consoles and Wi-Fi-compatible digital cameras!

point 2

Multiple devices can be connected simultaneously!!

point 3

High-speed data communication!!

If you want to connect multiple game consoles or tablets simultaneously, Wi-Fi tethering is recommended! A variety of devices are compatible!

Photo: Wi-Fi tethering

Bluetooth® tethering

point 1

Long battery life! (Power consumption is a tenth of that for Wi-Fi tethering [1]

point 2

Easy setup! (Password entry is not required)

If you want to use a tablet outside your home or office, Bluetooth® tethering is recommended because of its long battery life!

  1. Power consumption when no packet communication was performed, as examined by KDDI. Power consumption may vary depending on the communication environment, communication status, model or other factors.

The PAN (Personal Area Network) profile must be integrated into the smartphone and device. The smartphone must be compatible with NAP (Network Access Point), and the device must be compatible with PANU (Personal Area Network User).

  • Smartphones released from 2015 onward are support the PAN-NAP profile. If you are unable to use tethering and have never uploaded the profile to your OS, try using tethering after uploading the profile.
Photo: Bluetooth® tethering
  • "Bluetooth" is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. USA.
Photo: a compatible car navigation system via Bluetooth® .

Subscription to the "Tethering Option" is not required for connecting a 4G LTE smartphone to a compatible car navigation system via Bluetooth®

For some models, to connect to a compatible car navigation system, download and start up the dedicated app, and then set up Bluetooth® as usual.

<4G LTE smartphones can currently use this service with no application at a ¥0 flat rate. However, if circumstances cause details to change, KDDI will give customers advance notice on this homepage.>

See the page below for details about the dedicated app and Car Navi Fee Option Service.

USB tethering

point 1

Data communications can be established while your smartphone is being powered from a notebook PC!

  • Power cannot be supplied to some models via USB.
point 2

High-speed data communication!

If you want to use data communications on a notebook PC for an extended period of time, USB tethering is recommended!

A USB driver must be installed to a notebook PC or other device.

A USB cable for connection can be purchased from the page below.

Photo: High-speed data communication!
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