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How to Apply: Packet communications optimization tool

How to apply

  1. STEP1

    Click the "packet communications optimization tool"(パケット通信最適化ツール) icon created on the desktop, or select from "Programs"(プログラム) ––> "Packet Communications Optimization Tool"(パケット通信最適化ツール) ––> "Packet Communications Optimization Tool"(パケット通信最適化ツール) from the "Start"(スタート) Menu.

    How to apply STEP1
  2. STEP2

    When "au Recommended Value"(au推奨値) is selected, the type of mobile phone can be selected. Select your current au phone, and click "Set"(設定する).

    How to apply STEP2
  3. STEP3

    A confirmation message will be displayed, click "Yes"(はい).
    (This screen is for selecting "W21H, W11 series, W01K, INFOBAR, A series and C series")

    How to apply STEP3
  4. STEP4

    It is necessary to restart the PC to enable the settings in the PC. If okay, click "Yes"(はい).

    How to apply STEP4
  5. STEP5

    The setting is now completed.