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How to install: Packet communications optimization tool

How to install

  1. STEP1

    Download the "packet communications optimization tool" which is compressed in a self-extracting format from the download page, and save in any location (desktop, etc.).

    How to install STEP1
  2. STEP2

    Double click on the saved file (auPsetInst.exe).

  3. STEP3

    Click "Next"(次へ).

    How to install STEP3
  4. STEP4

    Carefully read the license agreement, and click "Yes"(はい) to agree.

    How to install STEP4
  5. STEP5

    Specify the installation destination folder for the program. If changes are not required, click "Next"(はい).

    How to install STEP5
  6. STEP6

    Clicking "Next"(はい) will start the copying of the file.

    How to install STEP6
  7. STEP7

    When the following screen is displayed, the installation is completed. Click "End"(完了).

    How to install STEP7