Broadband mobile communications

This data communications service offers speed up to 9.2 Mbps maximum
[1] when connecting a PC to a CDMA 1X WIN or W02H.

  • [1] When used within the service area
  • *Since "PacketWIN" uses the best effort system, communications speeds may change depending on network congestion or other factors.
Figure of CDMA 1X WIN mobile network (image)
  • * NEX-fi is available at stores while supplies last.

Instant connection anytime you need it

Mobile communications are possible by simply connecting a CDMA 1X WIN mobile phone and USB cable.

  • *The USB cable is not required with the W02H.

Important notes on the use of mobile communications

The packet communications charges may become more expensive, because the packet communications service allows accessing and downloading of large Web pages in a short period. KDDI recommends subscription to a packet communications discount service, when using mobile communications.

Important notes on Packet Communications (in Japanese only)


Packet WIN Services [2]
Monthly rates Free of charge
Packet communications charges ¥0.1/packet [3]
  • [2] The packet communication charges are applicable to free calling in the rate plan. However, the subscriber of the packet communications charges discount service is not applicable for free communication in the rate plan.
  • [3] The packet communication charges are not applicable for the maximum charge of the "packet communications charges flat rate service" and "packet communications charges discount service."


PacketWIN packet communications charges

  • 1 packet = 128 bytes
  • The packet communication charges are not applicable for discounts with "2-year contract," "Family Discount," "Smile-heart Discount" or "Call Wide."
  • If other than au.NET is used, the connection charge will be charged separately by the provider.
  • *If the packet communications charges exceed a certain amount, the account may be temporarily suspended.

Compatible mobile phones

Refer to the following for a list of mobile phones compatible with Packet WIN.

Packet WIN compatible model list (in Japanese only)

  • To use Packet WIN, you must use "" or sign up for a "Packet WIN compatible provider".

  • The maximum communication speed may change depending on the model. For the models compatible with a packet communications charges flat rate service which are connected to a computer, PDA, car navigation device, etc., KDDI limits the maximum communications speed depending on the congestion conditions of the network when transmitting/receiving large amounts of data such as downloading or uploading files or attaching movie files to prevent excessive loads from occurring on the network.
  • Refer to the "Discount services" page to check discount services on packet communications charges and phones that allow flat fees for data communications via a mobile computer or other devices as well.

    Discount services

  • Refer to the "Service areas" page to check on usable areas.

    Service areas (in Japanese only)

  • By phoneOpen 9:00 – 20:00

    • English

      0120-959-472(Toll Free)

    • Portuguese

      0120-959-473(Toll Free)

    • Chinese

      0120-959-476(Toll Free)

    • Korean

      0120-959-478(Toll Free)

    • Tagalog

      0120-933-952(Toll Free)

    • Vietnamese

      0120-933-961(Toll Free)

    • Japanese
      about au mobile services

      157(Toll Free)from au phones

      0077-7-111(Toll Free)

      about Internet services
      Contract / Fee / Billing

      0077-7084(Toll Free)

      Connection setting / failure

      0077-777(Toll Free)