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Phone Number for Inquiries When Overseas

Phone Number for Inquiries When Overseas

Please make inquiries to the following numbers
from all of your travel destinations.

When calling from an au mobile phone(free of charge) / When calling from a general phone (calling charges apply)



International access number from your travel destination-81-3-6670-6944

Available hours: 24 hours a day

  • *Press and hold "0" or "*" to dial "+".
    Dialing "+" differs depending on your mobile phone model. For details, check your user manual.

When calling from a general (free of charge)

Phone Number for Inquiries When Overseas

International access numbers for major countries and regions

Country/region name International access numbers
America(Including Alaska and Hawaii), Canada, Guam,
Saipan, Jamaica, Bahamas, Bermuda,
Puerto Rico, United States Virgin Islands
India, Sri Lanka, China, Bangladesh,
the Philippines, Vietnam, Macau, Malaysia,
New Zealand, Israel,
United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands,
Switzerland, Spain, Czech, Germany, Turkey, Egypt,
France, Belgium, Monaco, Romania, Argentina, Costa Rica,
Peru, Mexico
South Korea 00700 002 001
Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong 001
Taiwan 005 002
Brazil 0021 0014
Australia 0011
Russian Fed. 810

International access numbers(PDF)