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au smart phone (Android) lineup, one of the reasons that au is the carrier with the highest customer satisfaction rate in Japan

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  • Long battery life
    Models with the battery capacity of 3,000mAh or over.
  • Water proof
    Mobile phones durable to water.
  • 5-inch screen or greater
    Models with the large-size LCD screen of 5 inches or larger.
  • Infrared Communications
    Using infrared communication, users can send / receive phone numbers, pictures, data.

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  • au VoLTE
    Allows you to use clearer voice calls compared to 3G.

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  • TV
    Users can watch digital terrestrial broadcasting TV.

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  • Simple
    Models with many functions for seniors.

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  • Junior
    Models for juniors and kids.

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  • Osaifu-Keitai®
    Turn the phone into e-money, a train ticket, or a point card. This convenient service lets you use the phone for various situations just by touching it to a reader.

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