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You can use communication services by connecting to the network of an overseas carrier.
No additional applications or fees are required for using your own phone even overseas.
In addition to calling, you can send and receive mails and use the Internet.

Using overseas

Making calls

To make a call in your destination (within the service area), select "Settings" > "Cellular" > "Roaming", and check that "Voice Roaming" is set to ON.

Click here for how to dial by country or region

Using data communications
(using packet communications)

To use data communications in your destination (within the service area), select "Settings" > "Cellular" > "Roaming", and check that "Data Roaming" is set to ON.

Note that packet communications may incur higher packet communication charges

About Overseas Double-Teigaku

In the areas eligible for Overseas Double-Teigaku, you are automatically connected to a carrier eligible for the flat-rate service

With carriers eligible for the flat-rate service, a maximum charge of ¥1,980/day (tax exempt) is applied if you use less than approximately 24.4 MB of packet communications overseas (manual carrier selection is no longer needed), while a maximum charge of ¥2,980/day (tax exempt) is applied for any amount above 24.4 MB, regardless of how much you use. This plan gives you peace of mind.

Packet communications used in areas not eligible for Overseas Double-Teigaku are charged on a usage basis.
For eligible countries and regions, please check the following "List of areas eligible for Overseas Double-Teigaku".

List of areas eligible for Overseas Double-Teigaku


Check carriers eligible for the flat-rate service in your destination, how to dial, and charges by country or region.
Download the app before traveling abroad.

Download here (in Japanese only)

Download on the App Store

  • Downloading incurs separate packet communications charges

Service areas and charges

Click the following links to check the areas and charges.


  • Overseas service areas and areas eligible for Overseas Double-Teigaku vary between customers with a 3G contract (iPhone 4s) and customers with a 4G LTE contract (iPhone 5 or later).
  • If you do not use packet communications overseas, toggle "Enable LTE" to OFF, and then toggle "Cellular" to OFF.
  • Before traveling abroad, be sure to update the PRL (roaming area information) to the latest version.
    Make a call to "*5050" from Japan, check that the message, "au IC card data is not updated", is displayed, and then turn the power off and back on to update the PRL.
  • Calling charges to "*5050" are free.
  • Note that the PRL cannot be updated from outside Japan.
  • If the message, "Cannot load a network list", is displayed overseas and you cannot manually select a carrier, toggle "International CDMA" to OFF.

From Japan to overseas

Making calls

au International Phone Service

You can make international calls easily from your iPhone without any applications

How to dial

Dial "+" or "010", the country code, and then the phone number.

[+] or [010] - [Country code] - [Phone number]
[+] or [010] - [Country code] - [Phone number]

Click here for country codes

  • If the phone number starts with a 0, do not enter that 0.
    When calling to a general phone number in Italy, the 0 is required.

Calling charges

Calling charges vary depending on the country or region you are calling to.
Click here for the charges

au International Calling FLAT
Flat rate international calling service from any au device (in Japan) to countries overseas!

Click here for details

For the au International Phone Service, please see the service introduction page as well.
Click here for details

Sending messages

International SMS

A text message can be sent from an iPhone to a phone number of a local mobile phone overseas


Not required


You will be billed for this service with your au mobile phone charges on the month following use of this service.

How to send a message

(1) Tap "Message" on the Home screen

(2) Enter a destination

[010] - [Country code] - [Mobile Phone number]
[010] - [Country code] - [Mobile Phone number]
  • If the phone number starts with a 0, do not enter that 0.

(3) Enter your message

  • Up to 153 single-byte characters or 67 double-byte characters
  • Single-byte alphanumeric characters are recommended.

(4) Send


Sending Receiving
¥100/message (tax exempt) Free
  • International SMS communication charges are eligible for free call allowance in au rate plans.

  • Click here for destinations you can send/receive messages to/from, and notes for using.

Reserve and purchase iPhone

Receive your reserved and purchased iPhone at home, at a store, or anywhere you like.

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