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How to read a paper invoice -sealed letter-

Describes important information on postcard invoices.

Since the description varies depending on your payment method, please select the invoice you want to see below.

Over the counter payment

  1. Billing month (Example:September, 2020)
  2. Year and month of use (Example:October, 2020)
  3. Payment date (Example:25th of September, 2020)
    • After that, you will not be able to use the telephone.
  4. Billing amount

    You can pay with this document

    Please pay at the convenience store or the au Style / au shop.

  5. Billing code
  6. Breakdown of bill
  7. Transfer form

Please do not tear it off when you pay.

Bank direct debit

  1. Billing month (Example:September, 2020)
  2. Year and month of use (Example:October, 2020)
  3. Payment date (Example:25th of September, 2020)
    • Please deposit the amount in the designated bank account until this date.
  4. Bank debit amount
  5. Withdrawal account information
    • Financial institution name
    • Branch name
    • Account number
  6. Billing code
  7. Usage charges according to service
  8. Receipt of previous month

Credit card payment

  1. Year and month of use (Example:October, 2020)
  2. Debit date

    Since the charge will be from the credit card company, debit date will be as specified by the card company.

    Furthermore, if you receive a notification from credit card company about failure to process payment with the spedified credit card

    Payment slip will be sent  at a later date.

    Please make payment at a convenience store or au Style / au shop until the stated payment date.

  3. Usage amount
  4. Credit card number
  5. Billing code
  6. Usage charges by service

Items required when visiting the store

If you have payment slip

  • Payment slip…Please bring without tearing off.

If there is no payment slip

Have you relocated since you started using KDDI Service?

You might not receive important notice if your KDDI registered address has changed.

Telephone and data transmission might be suspended for temporarily if you do not receive notices particularly billing related ones.

  • All of the indicated amounts exclude tax unless otherwise specified.