Procedures When Using Another Company's Mobile Phone

Procedures to Follow When Using Another Company's Mobile Phone

The following are procedures and important considerations for using an au IC card (SIM card) with another company's mobile phone.


Please make sure you have read and understood the "Important Considerations Regarding Usage of Non-au Mobile Phones" and, if necessary, go to your nearest au Style / au shop for help with the procedures.

When performing these procedures

Make sure to have the SIM-unlocked non-au mobile phone (*1, *2) with you.

  • *1An au IC card cannot be used with mobile phones which are not compatible with the communication standards and frequency bands utilized by au. Please check in advance with the company which sold you your phone which communication standards and frequency bands it is compatible with.
  • *2Before using, it will be necessary to check that the phone has received certification of conformance to technical standards. Use of a non-au mobile phone which does not bear the "Technical Conformity Mark" is a violation of the Radio Act and may be refused permission to connect to the au network.

<Customers without an au subscriber agreement>

  • You will be required to provide the necessary documentation for a new contract as well as pay a contract processing fee of ¥3,300 tax included.
  • The new contract fee plans available to customers who only want an au IC card are the "Unlimited Calling Plan(Smart phone)" and the "LTE Plan" These customers must also sign up for either the "2-year contract" or the "Smile-heart Discount."
  • As a rule, the "au Nano IC Card 04 (au VoLTE)" is provided for VoLTE-compatible mobile phone models, while all other models receive either the "au Nano IC Card (LTE)" or "au Micro IC Card (LTE)."
    • *The names of rate plans and data flat rate services for 4G LTE (au VoLTE) Android™ smartphones have "(V)".

<Customers with an au subscriber agreement>

  • If the au IC card needs to be changed, customers will need to bring their current au IC card with them. In such cases, an au IC card replacement fee of ¥2,200 tax included will be charged.
    • *If changing the contract between WIN/LTE/VoLTE or switching between LTE Single (data communication terminals, tablets, etc.) and Double (smartphones) without purchasing a mobile device, a contract alteration fee of ¥3,300 tax included will be charged.

Important Considerations Regarding Usage of Non-au Mobile Phones

Confirmation and guarantee of operation for au IC cards

  • If an au IC card is used in a non-au mobile phone, no confirmation of its operation is made by au; thus, au makes no guarantee with regard to IC card operation, including voice calls and data transmission. It is up to the customer to confirm how to set-up and use a non-au mobile phone, and all inquiries about set-up and use should be directed to the company from which the phone was purchased.
  • Use of services/content, device functions, downloaded applications and other features may be limited when using a non-au mobile phone. Please be aware that you will still be charged a monthly fee for services and content, even if you are unable to use it on your non-an mobile phone.

Setting up an Internet connection

In order to use the Internet on a non-au mobile phone, you will need to sign up for "LTE NET for DATA" and then set up an Internet connection. Please be aware that you cannot connect to the Internet via "LTE NET" when using a non-au mobile phone.

Usage fees

With regard to fee plans, discount services, etc., the same fee structure which is used for au mobile phones is also used for all non-au mobile phones.
Please be aware that if you are not signed up for a flat-rate data (packet) service, you may experience unexpectedly high packet communication fees.
You are thus strongly encouraged to sign up for a flat-rate data service. Please also be aware that non-au mobile phone users cannot take advantage of the LTE Single (data communication terminals, tablets, etc.) fee plan and discount service.

Repairing non-au mobile phones and devices

Repairs and other after-service for non-au mobile phones is not handled by au. Please contact the company from which you bought your phone about how to handle repair issues.

Exemption of Liability

Excluding cases of willful or gross negligence, au is in no way responsible for anything which may result from using an au IC card in a mobile phone or other device sold by another company.

  • All of the indicated amounts include tax unless otherwise specified.
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