Disaster Message Board Service

Service introduction

KDDI and Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company provide a Disaster Message Board service, which can be used for safety notifications with family members, relatives or acquaintances in times of disaster.
When a major disaster occurs, au mobile phone subscribers residing in the disaster-stricken area can use the Disaster Message Board established on EZweb/IS NET/LTE NET to register their personal safety information. This registered safety information can then be viewed from anywhere in Japan, via means such as on EZweb/IS NET/LTE NET or over the Internet. Furthermore, we provide a function that enables subscribers to send email notifications to pre-designated family members and/or acquaintances when the subscriber registers on the Disaster Message Board. In addition, it is also possible to check safety information over the Internet.

From a PC or other carriers' mobile phones, access from the following URL.

See below for the details of the Disaster Message Board service, as well as the provided features, usage charges, and packet communication charges for both IS NET and LTE NET and EZweb subscriber courses.

Disaster Message Board service contents

Functions Contents
Message Board Basis Registration/deletion/confirmation of safety information and other information (service overview, inquiries, etc.)
Registration of safety information Disaster situation Select from either "I'm fine," "I'm injured," "I'm at home," "I'm at an evacuation center," or "See my comment."
Enter comment Maximum 100 double-byte characters
Message storage period Until service for a disaster is completed
  • *Note: If there are more than ten Messages, the oldest will be deleted as new ones are registered.
Number of messages that can be registered 10 messages per telephone number
Regions compatible with registration of safety information

The sales area corresponding to the stricken area and surrounding areas
(Check the "Disaster Message Board" for areas in which registrations can be made.)

  • *Safety information can be checked nationwide from smartphones.
Notification Mail When a subscriber registers their safety information on the Message Board, this function will enable email containing the subscriber's registered safety information to be sent automatically to that subscriber's pre-designated contacts.
Number of possible pre-registered contacts 5
Sender's address Mobile phone email address from which the safety information was registered
Email content Mobile phone number from which the safety information was registered
Notification content relaying the registered safety information
Link to access the Message Board
Checking safety information All mobile phone and PHS numbers can be searched, with no regional restrictions
If a Message is registered on the Disaster Message Board of a carrier other than au, a link to that carrier's Disaster Message Board will be displayed.
Disaster-related information Information distributed by "Emergency Bulletin Mail (Disaster and Evacuation Information)" [1] is posted. Information on Japan's disasters will be provided in real time.
  • [1]A notification service that sends evacuation advisories and orders from national and local public organizations, all manner of warnings, and other information relating to the safety of residents to all au mobile devices in the relevant area at once. The information posted on the disaster message board is only information that has been acknowledged by national and local public organizations.

Functions provided according to each EZweb subscriber course (Table 1)

Subscriber course Safety information
Registration Confirmation Delete Notification mail settings
IS NET/LTE NET o o [2] [2]
EZ WIN o o
  • [2]Neither deletion of safety information nor notification emails are available through Wi-Fi communications. Please check your mobile network setting before using this service.

Charged fees and packet communication charges according to each EZweb subscriber course (Table 2)

Subscriber course Charged fees for
Disaster Message Board
Packet communication charges
IS NET/LTE NET Free Charges incurred
EZ WIN Free Free [3]
  • [3]In the event that a customer's safety information cannot be confirmed, we recommend performing a search on the Disaster Message Boards of either iMode and/or SoftBank. However, usage of these Disaster Message Boards will incur packet communication charges.
    Usage of disaster-related information will incur packet communication charges.

About the Disaster Message Board

  • Up to 10 safety information messages can be stored until the service is completed. If messages exceed the upper limit, the oldest ones are deleted regardless of the storage period.
  • If a disaster occurs during a trial service, the service switches to the disaster service. In such a case, the safety information that is registered during the trial service may be deleted.
  • KDDI does not guarantee quality of this service.
    Before using, note that KDDI shall not bear any responsibility for any safety information registration trouble due to intensive accesses to this service or facility failures, any corrupted safety information, any damage due to loss etc., and any damage arising from registered safety information, regardless of the reason.

Experimental Disaster Message Board service

KDDI provides an 'Experimental Disaster Message Board service' to enable customers to test the Disaster Message Board function.

[Experimental Disaster Message Board] (http://dengon.ezweb.ne.jp/E/service.do)

You can check this service from non-au mobile phones too.

<Period offered>

  • From 0:00 to 24:00 on the 1st and 15th of every month
    From 12:00 on January 1 to 24:00 on January 3
  • The government-designated "Disaster Prevention Week (August 30 to September 5)" and "Disaster Prevention and Volunteer Week (January 15 to January 21)".
  • *In the event of a real disaster occurrence, the experimental service will be terminated.

<Areas in which this service can be used>
Areas in which safety information can be registered: Areas throughout Japan in which this service can be used
Areas in which safety information can be confirmed: Areas throughout Japan in which this service can be used

<Functions provided according to each EZweb subscriber course>
Please refer to Table 1 to confirm which functions are provided with each EZweb subscriber course.

<Charged fees and packet communication charges according to each EZweb subscriber course>
Please refer to Table 2 to confirm the charged fees and packet communication charges for each EZweb subscriber course.

To customers who updated the OS on their ISW12HT, SOL21, PTL21, SHT21, or SHL21

After updating the OS on the HTC EVO 3D ISW12HT, Xperia VL SOL21, VEGA PTL21, AQUOS PAD SHT21, and AQUOS PHONE SERIE SHL21, a message may appear saying that au Disaster Countermeasures has been terminated due to an error when starting the device or app, and the app may not operate properly.
To resolve this problem, please update to the latest au Disaster Countermeasures app.

  • * If "Update" is not displayed, you do not need to update the app.
  • * If your au ID is not set, update the app after setting your au ID.
  • * Please note that in order to reliably use all the functions of this app when a large-scale disaster occurs, this app may automatically check the server for update statuses and update to the latest version.
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