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My smartphone/tablet is not working properly. I want to diagnose whether there is a malfunction and how to deal with it using the Usage Support App

You can diagnose malfunctions and other issues of your smartphone using the Easy Diagnosis function of the Usage Support App. If a problem is found, you can check how to deal with it based on the diagnosis results.
All customers who have an au smartphone can use the "Easy Diagnosis" function.   

  • Please note that povo customers cannot use the Usage Support App

For Your Information (Tap to open)

If you subscribe to Usage Support (paid subscription), in addition to the Easy Diagnosis function on this page, you can use services such as an advisor providing detailed guidance on how to use smartphone apps and peripheral devices other than au. 

Usage Support App compatible OS

Procedure for Easy Diagnosis

  • All customers who have an au smartphone can use this app

  • Internet connection is required to use this app. If you are having trouble because you cannot connect to the Internet, please try checking the connection/airplane mode settings, reinserting the SIM card, restarting the device, updating the OS, etc
  • 1

    Launch the Usage Support App.

    • You can download the Usage Support App from the following link
  • 2

    Tap "My Page" [マイページ]"Easy Diagnosis" [かんたん診断] at the bottom of the screen. 

    Procedure when launching this app for the first time (tap to open)

    • 1

      Tap on "Agree and Start" [同意して始める].

    • 2

      Log in with your au ID.

    • 3

      Tap the phone number you want to use for Usage Support.

      • It will be displayed even if you are not a member of Usage Support
    • 4

      Tap on "Next " [次へ].

    • 5

      Tap on "Allow" [許可].

      • For iPhone and iPad
        • In the screen asking for permission to send notifications, tap on "Allow" [許可]
        • In the screen asking for permission to use Bluetooth, tap on [OK]
        • In the screen asking for permission to access photos, tap on "Allow access to all photos" [すべての写真へのアクセスを許可]
    • 6

      Select On/Off switch of the "Grant Management Rights to All Files" [全ファイルの管理権を付与], and tap on [←]. (Only for Android smartphones)

      • You can do Easy Diagnosis even if it is off
    • 7

      Tap on "My page"[マイページへ].

      • Depending on your contract status, a screen to enter customer information may be displayed. Please enter according to the on-screen instructions
  • 3

    Tap on "Diagnose after cleaning " [お手入れしてから診断] or "Diagnose immediately" [すぐに診断].
    In this procedure, tap on "Diagnose immediately" [すぐに診断], as an example.

    • This screen is only displayed on Android smartphones. If you are using an iPhone, proceed to step 7
  • 4

    Tap on "Next" [次へ].

  • 5

    Tap on "Only while using the app" [アプリの使用中のみ].

  • 6

    Tap on "Allow" [許可].

    • There are cases it may not be displayed
  • 7

    The automatic diagnosis screen will be displayed. Please wait until it is completed.

  • 8

    Diagnosis completed. Tap on "Next" [次へ].

  • 9

    The diagnosis result will be displayed.

  • All of the indicated amounts exclude tax unless otherwise specified.