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I have forgotten my au ID password and want to reset it (I don't know my current au ID password).

 Please reset your au ID password according to the service you are using. For further details, please see below.

  • Please note that to reset the au ID password requires the contract PIN code.

Difference between "Contract PIN code" [暗証番号], "au ID" and "au ID Password" (Tap to open)

The contract PIN Code and "au ID Password" are not the same thing. 

  • Contract PIN code: This is a 4-digit number that customers set when signing up for a new contract for a smartphone or tablet.

  • au ID: This is an ID provided by KDDI, used to access various services conveniently with a single ID. The default au ID is your phone number.

  • au ID Password: This is set by the customer during the initial setting of the smartphone. It combines half-width alphanumeric characters (symbols can also be used) and is set to more than 8 digits (e.g., 1234abcd).

For au/UQ mobile smartphone and tablet users

  • 1

    Tap the link below to access the password reset page.  

    If you are resetting the au ID password from an au/UQ mobile smartphone, tablet or iPad, please turn off Wi-Fi and use the device internet. This resetting cannot be done from the computer.

    Enter your new password and tap on "Agree to the terms of service and reset" [利用規約に同意して再設定する].  

  • 2

    Enter your au ID and tap on "Next" [次へ].

  • 3

    Enter your PIN code and tap on "Next" [次へ].

  • 4

    Enter your new password and tap on "Agree to the terms of service and reset" [利用規約に同意して再設定する].  

    If the confirmation code input screen is displayed

    Enter the received 6-digit confirmation code and tap ”Next” [次へ].

  • 5

    Once "Password reset is completed" [パスワードの再設定が完了しました] is displayed, it is done.

For reference: About "Password Management" [パスワード管理] in Data Storage app

If you use the "Password Management" in the Data Storage app, you can safely manage frequently forgotten ID and password.

For those who have a contract for fixed communication service

  • If your contract is after February of 2015

    Please verify your initial au ID and password in the "Start of Service Notice" 「ご利用開始のご案内」sent at the time of your contract.

  • If your contract is between May of 2014 and January of 2015

    Please verify your initial au ID and password in the "Important Notice regarding au ID and related services" 「au ID 及び 関連サービスに関する大切なお知らせ」

Other cases

  • All of the indicated amounts exclude tax unless otherwise specified.