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I forgot the PIN code (PIN1 code) for the SIM unlock. What do I input for the PIN unlock code (PUK code)?

The PIN unlock code (PUK code) is written on the back side of your au IC card mount, please check it. Please note that the SIM unlock's PIN (PIN1 code) will lock if incorrect for 3 consecutive times. (The initial value is "1234")  

In case of loss of the au IC card (SIM card) mount or if you have forgotten the PIN unlock code (PUK code)

Please follow the steps below to check your PIN unlock code (PUK code).  
 <On the Web>

  • 1

     Login to 'My au' with your au ID.  

    • If you need to check with a mobile phone that is PIN-locked, do the following operation before step ① (You can check on the web, only if you can skip the two-step authentication of My au.)
    • For Android smartphone (when using au IC card)... Remove the au IC card and connect to Wi-Fi.
    • For Android smartphone (for eSIM users)... Tap 'Disable ESIM' 「ESIMを無効にする」displayed on the smartphone and connect to Wi-Fi (The description on the screen may vary depending on the model).
    • For iPhone (au IC card / eSIM both)... You do not need to remove the au IC card. Tap 'Cancel' 「キャンセル」on the PUK code input screen and connect to Wi-Fi.
  • 2

     Tap on "Smartphone/Mobile phone" [スマートフォン・携帯電話] at the top of the screen.  

  • 3

    Tap on "Your contract details/procedure" [ご契約内容/手続き].  

  • 4

     Tap on "Customer registration information"[お客様登録情報].  

  • 5

     When you tap on "Check PIN unlock code (PUK code)" [PINロック解除コード(PUKコード)の確認], the PIN unlock code (PUK code) will be displayed.  

 <For procedure at the shop>

Please visit your nearest au Style/au shop. Search for au Style/au shops from here

Please make sure you carry an identity verification document and your au mobile phone.  


 <For procedure over the phone>

If you contact the customer center, we will send you a document with the PIN unlock code (PUK code) written. 

If you are in a hurry, please confirm on the web or visit your nearest au Style/au shop.

From mobile phone/fix phone: 0077-7023 (Toll free)
Business hours: 9:00 to 20:00
If the above number cannot be used click [here].


If you enter the PIN unlock code (PUK code) incorrectly for 10 consecutive times

Reissue the au IC card at the au Style/au shop. Search for au Style/au shops from [here].

  • There is a reissue fee for the au IC card.
  • Until April 19, 2023: 2000 yens (2,200 yens including tax)
  • From April 20, 2023: 3,500 yens (3,850 yens including tax)

Picture of the back side of the au IC card mount

【For Your Reference】Operation on Smartphone (Opens when you tap)

  • 1

     The screen will switch to the PUK code input screen, if making three consecutive errors on the PIN code input screen.

  • 2

     Enter the PIN unlock code (PUK code) written on the back of the au IC card mount.

  • 3

     In the following screen, enter a new PIN code of your choice.

  • All of the indicated amounts exclude tax unless otherwise specified.