au electricity

au electricity is a beneficial and convenient electricity service for au smartphone & cell phone users and UQ smartphone users.

Three reasons why you should switch to au electricity

Quality and reliability remain the same

The same power delivery mechanism is used after switching to au electricity. 

Therefore, there will be no decrease in the power outage or increase in risk of blackouts.

Monthly bills are consolidated into one

Monthly bills for your electricity, au/UQ mobile mobile phone and other services can be consolidated into a single bill, reducing the hastle in checking your accounts.

Plus, it's easy to gain points from all of your au/UQ mobile services.

Service can be used nationwide! (Excluding some remote islands)

au electricity is available nationwide and can be continuously used even if you move. The procedure is easy!

Simple price plans!

  • Denki M Plan

    Appliable to those with contract type Metered Light B.

    (Meter-Rate Lighting A In Kansai region, Chugoku region and Shikoku region, or Meter-Rate Lighting or Good Value Plan in Okinawa region.)

  • Denki L Plan

    Appliable to those with contract type Metered Light C.

    (Excluding the Kansai region, Chugoku region, Shikoku region and Okinawa region.)


Retail electricity company

Hokkaido Electric Power Co. Area

Hokkaido Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Tokyo Electric Power Co. Area

TEPCO Energy Partner,Inc.

Chubu Electric Power Co. Area

Chubu Electric Power Miraiz Co., Inc.

Kansai Electric Power Co. Area

The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.

Chugoku Electric Power Co. Area

The Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc.

Hokuriku Electric Power Co. Area

Hokuriku Electric Power Co.

Okinawa Electric Power Co. Area

The Okinawa Electric Power Co., Inc.

Other Areas

au Energy & Life, Inc.

  • If you are already using au electricity, you can check the name of the retail electricity company from My au.
  • You cannot apply for au electricity if you live in an apartment complex with a bulk electricity contract or an all-electric house(*1). Seasonal plans and corporate contracts are also not applicable.
  1. Customers who are currently using au electricity and moving to an all-electric house in the Tokyo Electric Power Company area can apply au electricity by phone.

Point refund!

Receive Ponta points based on your electricity bill*1!


The au electricity subscriber or a family member living in the same household*2  must have an au cell phone, UQ mobile, or au HIKARI/au HIKARI Chura*3 subscription.

Receive points with "au electricity Discount with Points"

  1. The applicable amount is the total amount of the basic charge (or minimum charge) and electricity volume charge among the au electricity usage charges (excluding tax).
  2. Contracted address for au cell phone, UQ mobile, or au HIKARI/au HIKARI Chura and au electricity should be the same.
  3. Applies to au HIKARI Home, au HIKARI Manshon, au HIKARI Chura Home and au HIKARI Chura Manshon.
【au electricity Discount with Points】

"au electricity Discount with Points" requires application.

  • Ponta points (rounded up to the first decimal place) will be awarded to the au ID of the "au electricity Discount with Points" line specified by the customer, multiplied by the redemption rate of the applicable monthly electricity bill.The applicable amount is the total amount of the basic charge (or minimum charge) and electricity volume charge among the au electricity usage charges (excluding tax).
  • Only one au cell phone, UQ mobile, or au Hikari/au Hikari Chura line per au electricity contract is eligible.
  • Corporate contracts are not eligible.
  • The application starts from the month after the application date and the month when the au electricity bill is generated. If the service eligible for the "au electricity Discount with Points" is au HIKARI/au HIKARI Chura, the "au electricity Discount with Points" will be applied from the month following the month in which is au Hikari/au Hikari Chura is activated.
  • Points will be redeemed by the end of the month in which the charges are billed. Depending on the customer's contract status and usage, the refund may be made in the following month of the billing month or later.
  • The "au electricity Discount with Points" eligible line must be active at the end of the month before the points are redeemed, and the au electricity bill must be generated in the month when the points are redeemed.
    However, if the applicable communication service has been cancelled at the time of point redemption, the points will be redeemed under the conditions specified in "Conditions for Granting Points for au electricity".
  • Points cannot be applied to au electricity usage fees.
  • The expiration date of Ponta points will be extended for one year from the date of the last redemption or use of points. However, the expiration date of points held will not be extended for redemption through the use of au electricity.

No need to attend the installation or pay the initial fee! You can check your daily electricity bill with the app on your smartphone.

How to start using the service

  • 1


    Please contact your local au shop or home appliance retail store with the following documents. 

    (If someone other than the contractor*4 or spouse applies, a letter of attorney is required.)

    1. The name on the electricity bill.

    Current contractor or spouse

    Those not listed on the left

    Meter reading slip

    Identification documents of visitors (driver's license/Passport/health insurance card, etc.)

    A letter of attorney (The contractor's handwriting.)

    • To apply for the service, you will need the "Supply Point Identification Number" and "Customer Number" written on the meter reading slip. If you are unsure, please contact your local power company.
    • If you are applying in the Tokyo Electric Power Company, Chubu Electric Power Company, Kansai Electric Power Company, Chugoku Electric Power Company, or Hokuriku Electric Power Company area, you do not need to prepare a meter reading slip.

    You will receive a confirmation email the day after your registration.

  • 2

    Download the "au electricity App". Login with au ID

    You can check the status of procedures up to the start of using au electricity  on the "au electricity  App".

    Please see the right page for download instructions.

    • If the au electricity subscriber does not have an au cell phone (smartphone, cell phone, tablet, WiFi router, etc.), the status of the procedure cannot be checked.
    • Customers in the Kansai Electric Power Area and Chugoku Electric Power Area do not support the display of the start date of use.
  • 3

    Postcard for the start of au electricity service arrives.

    A postcard will be sent to the subscriber's address a few days before the start of use.

    au electricity service will start and you will be billed from the date written on the postcard.

  • 4

    Start of use

Installation of Smart Meters

For customers who currently have conventional meters, the local power company will replace them with smart meters.

The timing of the replacement work varies with each power company. Replacement with a smart meter may occur after the start of au electricity service.

(In the Kansai Electric Power Area and Hokuriku Electric Power Area, use will begin after smart meter replacement work.)

  • No installation fee
  • If a smart meter has already been installed, there is no need for replacement work in principle.
  • The local power company will contact you to schedule the installation. As a general rule, there is no need for the customer to be present.
  • Depending on the local power company and your environment, the replacement work may involve a power outage. (About 5 to 40 minutes)
  • Some apartments and condominiums may require you to unlock the auto lock.
After the start of use (billing, point redemption, etc.)
  • au electricity usage charges are billed two months after the month of use in principle*5.
  • Ponta points for "au electricity Discount with Points" will be returned by the end of the billing month.

(e.g.) For April use

  1. Depending on the meter reading schedule of the local power company (general transmission and distribution company) and the timing of data transfer between the power company and KDDI/Okinawa Cellular Telephone, you may be billed in the following month or two months' electricity charges may be billed together.
  2. Depending on the customer's contract status and usage, redemption may be made in the following month of the billing month or later. Paper meter reading slips will no longer be posted to you mail box. Please check the amount of electricity usage using "Web de Billing". If you wish to receive a paper bill, you can do so for a fee.

au electricity App (Only available in Japanese.)

For smartphones and tablets users

au electricity App icon

Google Play from "au でんき" search, or download below

Android™ 7 and above (excluding some models)

For PC users

Checking your electricity bill

From smartphones
  • My au App

    Start the My au application > Log in > "Amount of bill" you want to check > Tap the breakdown of au electricity  usage charges.

  • au electricity App

    Start the au electricity application > Tap the "Billing Details" tab > The estimated billing amount is displayed.

    • The billing amount in the au electricity application includes the total amount of the basic charge (or minimum charge) and electricity volume charge among the au electricity usage charges (including tax).The payment amount including tax can be checked in My au App.
From PCs
  • My au App (Web version)

    Connect to My au from a browser > Log in > Click "Check the breakdown of charges" > Enter the PIN (4 digits) set at the time of contract > The breakdown of charges will be displayed.

From cell phones (4G LTE)
  • My au

    Log in with your au ID and go to [My au (former Customer Support)] TOP > Select [Check your bill amount] > Enter the PIN (4 digits) that you set at the time of contract > The bill amount will be displayed.

  • Please update the My au application to the latest version before use. Screen transitions are subject to change.
  • All of the indicated amounts include tax unless otherwise specified.
  • By phoneOpen 9:00 – 20:00

    • English

      0120-959-472(Toll Free)

    • Portuguese

      0120-959-473(Toll Free)

    • Chinese

      0120-959-476(Toll Free)

    • Korean

      0120-959-478(Toll Free)

    • Tagalog

      0120-933-952(Toll Free)

    • Vietnamese

      0120-933-961(Toll Free)

    • Japanese
      about au mobile services

      157(Toll Free)from au phones

      0077-7-111(Toll Free)

      about Internet services
      Contract / Fee / Billing

      0077-7084(Toll Free)

      Connection setting / failure

      0077-777(Toll Free)