Message from the President

In June 2016, Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company happily celebrated the 25th anniversary of its establishment. We feel deeply grateful to all the people of Okinawa prefecture, because it is only with their support that we have managed to reach this milestone in our history.


In the time we have been in operation, there has been steady growth and penetration of mobile phones, to the point that they have become a vital tool of the social infrastructure, indispensable for our personal lives and for our businesses. The seamless integration of mobile and fixed-line phones became common, and the integration with Internet has accelerated since the introduction of smartphones. As a result, mobile phone networks have given us access to all kinds of new services and convenient applications. And more recently, through the use of cloud services and "big data," they have become increasingly important for linking together many different kinds of industries and businesses.


As part of this evolution and to deliver ever greater value and utility to customers, in 2014 We began offering "au WALLET Prepaid card." In 2015, we then launched "au WALLET Credit card." Furthermore, we also plan to start operating "au WALLET Market," an online store that makes it possible to purchase high-quality products at better prices and greater convenience, through au.


Another challenge we are tackling is the launch of a tourist information web site, "Okinawa CLIP." In this initiative, we are working together with locally based writers to showcase the hidden charms of Okinawa to people all over Japan and the rest of the world. Our goal is to promote tourism in Okinawa and help boost sales of local specialty products.


Another new project we are developing aims at giving everyone in Okinawa, including people on remote islands, better access to safe, fresh, healthy vegetables by constructing plant cultivation factories equipped with advanced ICT and by offering our expertise.


Of course, our main business is still telecommunications. As a local telecommunications company, we remain committed to upgrading and expanding the communications infrastructure of the whole of Okinawa, including remote islands, and to deliver high-reliability communication services that are resistant to natural disasters.


Our slogan at is "All for Okinawa! " The whole of the company is devoted to delighting our loyal customers by exceeding their expectations and by creating new value propositions for them. In this effort, we look forward to your continued support and cooperation.