au HIKARI Chura Home

Internet service : Minimum usage period six months. Early cancellation will result in a fee of 14,400 yen for Homcce contracts.

  1. Shima discount : Discount plan available with a two-year contract and automatic renewal every two years. Early cancellation will result in a fee of 9,500 yen for Home contracts (no cancellation fees apply during renewal month).
  2. au Package discount : Subscribers must be au mobile phone customers or KDDI Collective Billing customers.
    • "au HIKARI Chura" Internet service requires a separate registration fee of 800 yen in addition to the monthly charge. Actual products and services may vary. KDDI Collective Billing : Subscribers must register under the same name used for their au mobile phone or "au HIKARI Chura" service or be in the same household as an existing subscriber. Family members without the same name and/or address must present proof of family relationship.
    • Payments may be made by direct debit or by credit card. Direct debit/credit card discount: Applied when payment is processed. Separate fee of 100 yen per month applied if paid at service desk.
    • Cannot be combined with prepaid payment services. You may be billed separately for one to two months depending on when processing is carried out. Services rendered during this period will not be eligible for KDDI Collective Billing.
  3. Each contract number will be assessed an additional Universal Service fee of 3 yen per month.

Contract period

Setup and registration fees

Customers who choose to cancel services prior to being billed for services but after fiber optic lines have been installed will be charged installation fees and a registration fee upon cancellation.

*6 : Customers who sign up for "au HIKARI Chura" internet, phone, and/or video channel (TV) service at the same time will only be charged one registration fee of 800 yen. However, additional services applied for at a later date will incur a separate 800-yen registration fee.

  • Fiber optic lines must be installed in order to use service. Not available at all homes or in all areas.
  • All of the indicated amounts exclude tax unless otherwise specified.

Setup procedure [HOME] Five easy steps!

  • Please note that the process may take up to two months, depending on the status of service equipment in your area

Note to customers switching from other services


Connect your equipment and telephone immediately once installation is complete.


You will no longer be able to use your current phone service following installation, so you must immediately connect your phone and any equipment you received in the mail from the Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company.


If you currently use another telephone service, your subscription to that service will be automatically cancelled once the installation work needed to switch to the "au HIKARI Chura" telephone service is complete.


*Note that you will not be able to switch to au HIKARI Chura telephone service if you cancel your previous service before switching. However if you use another non-telephone service (internet or video channel service), you must cancel it yourself after switching to au HIKARI Chura telephone.


Once the installation work needed to switch from another phone service (number portability procedure) is complete, you will need to reapply for that service should you wish to return to it after having switched to 「au HIKARI Chura」.

  • For those living in single-family homes or small housing complexes of four stories or less. Not available at all homes or in all areas.

If you want to keep the email address from your previous service provider


If you want to keep your current email address, switch to an email address-only account instead of canceling your contract. This procedure will differ for each internet or service provider.

Renters who apply for Home Time

Additional requests


Renters are asked to notify their landlord or property management company beforehand that Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company (or one of our subcontractors) will be performing a building inspection.


Most inspections do not require that we enter the building; however, some buildings are constructed such that we must go inside. In this case, we will contact you and let you know.


*If we need to enter the building, we will arrange a date in advance and ask that you be present while we carry out the inspection.

*All of the indicated amounts exclude tax unless otherwise specified.