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Photo:Wi-Fi is available outside the home, at cafes or trainstations,and even overseas.

au's home wireless LAN service.
Use Wi-Fi whether in your bedroom or living room.

au's home wireless LAN equipment rental service offers smoother Internet access through the home broadband network.
You can enjoy not only browsing, but also watching videos and downloading large-size files more smoothly.

Features of Wi-Fi HOME SPOT

Two-push simple connection!

Configure the initial settings easily with the dedicated app (au Wi-Fi connection tool)!

Various types of Wi-Fi enabled equipment you have are all connectable!

Your Wi-Fi devices at home, including au smartphones, PCs, game consoles and TVs, can be connected all at once!

Wireless LAN router (latest model)

Experience more comfortable Wi-Fi by changing to the latest wireless LAN router!
  • Smooth

    Wireless speed approx. 3 times*2 faster compared to the previous model.
  • Stylish

    Compact design made up of an elegant white base wrapped in a clear case
  • Simply

    Easy connection by using your smartphone's camera function
  • [1] 11ac is the latest IEEE802.11ac standard (5GHz bandwidth) that achieves high-speed wireless communication. HOME SPOT CUBE2 also supports the MIMO method.
  • [2] For smartphones that support 11ac, maximum communication speed of 150Mbps for the previous model (HOME SPOT CUBE) and the maximum communication speed of 433Mbps for the latest model (11ac) are theoretical value comparisons based on technical standards.
    Also, the maximum communication speed for smartphones that support 11ac and the MIMO method (compatible models: SCL23, SCL24) is 866Mbps.
  • Wi-Fi is a best effort service. The actual speed may fall substantially short of the maximum for various reasons including the customer's communication environment and traffic conditions, or there may be cases where communication is not available at all. Also, communications speeds up to the connection destination depend on the capabilities of devices. There may be cases where sufficient speed is not achieved due to the surrounding signal environment or walls and other obstructions.

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Eligible models

Models that can use Wi-Fi

iPhone6, iPhone6 Plus, iPad Air2, and smartphones (INFOBAR A03, BASIO, miraie, AQUOS SERIE mini, isai VL LGV31, URBANO V01, etc.) support 11ac.
Click below for other models that support 11ac.

Specifications of each model

Regarding the end of the rental service

As of March 31, 2015, new applications for the HOME SPOT CUBE (hereafter "CUBE") rental service will no longer be accepted.
Also, the CUBE rental service will end on May 31, 2015.
As of June 1, 2015, customers currently using CUBE will be transferred ownership for free. Customers can continue using their CUBE as usual.

  • * Damage, replacement, and other support for CUBEs whose ownership has been transferred will end.

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HOME SPOT CUBE product information

Terms of use for Wi-Fi HOME SPOT rental service (189KB) (in Japanese only)PDF

How to set HOME SPOT CUBE (Simple connection)

  • By phoneOpen 9:00 – 20:00

    • English

      0120-959-472(Toll Free)

    • Portuguese

      0120-959-473(Toll Free)

    • Chinese

      0120-959-476(Toll Free)

    • Korean

      0120-959-478(Toll Free)

    • Tagalog

      0120-933-952(Toll Free)

    • Vietnamese

      0120-933-961(Toll Free)

    • Japanese

      157(Toll Free)from au phones

      0077-7-111(Toll Free)

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