Discount Services: PacketWIN

Discount services

  • Simply pay a flat rate charge, and get large discounts on packet communications charges.
  • The maximum charge for the use of EZweb and e-mail is ¥4,200.
    Even with PC site viewer, the maximum charge is ¥5,700.
  • The maximum charge for communications solely via smartphone is set to ¥5,700.
  • The free communications charges will be applied to the charges for Ezweb and e-mail first.
  • * The subscribers of PacketWIN Single service cannot subscribe for this service.

If you subscribe to the discount service on packet communication charges and your phone is applicable, you can also enjoy data communications via a mobile PC or other devices at a flat rate!!

Applicable Models (in Japanese only)

  • * This plan is not applicable to data communications via other mobile PCs than those listed above.

When using the mobile data communications flat rate

Subscribe to the packet communications charges discount, and data communications connected to a mobile personal computer, etc. can also be used at a flat rate with compatible models!!

  • * Data communications connected to mobile personal computers which are not compatible models are not applicable for the flat rate.

Flat rate [1] Packet communications charges EZweb and email maximum charges Communications solely via smartphone/PC Site Viewer/EZweb/E-mail maximum charge [2] Maximum charges for data communications connected to mobile PC, PDA, etc.
Double-Teigaku-Super Light ¥372/month ¥0.1/packet ¥4,200/month ¥5,700/month ¥9,900/month [3]
Double-Teigaku-Light ¥1,000/month ¥0.08/packet
Double-Teigaku ¥2,000/month ¥0.05/packet
Packet Discount WIN
¥4,000/month ¥0.025/packet
Packet Discount WIN
¥7,500/month ¥0.015/packet
  • New applications for Double-Teigaku-Light, Double-Teigaku, Packet Discount WIN Middle, and Packet Discount WIN Super are no longer accepted as of September 1, 2015.
  • [1]All of the flat rate charges can be used as a free communications charge.
  • [2]Data communications except for EZweb, e-mail and PC site viewer, when connected to a mobile personal computer or PDA, are not applicable for the maximum charges.
  • [3]This service only applies to the use of compatible models. Maximum charges are not applicable when other models are used.


PacketWIN packet communications charges

  • 1 packet = 128 bytes
  • The packet communications charges are not applicable for discounts with "Student Discount," "Smile-heart Discount".
  • If other than au.NET is used, the connection charge will be charged separately by the provider.

PacketWIN packet communications charges discount service

  • Calling charges are not applicable for discounts.
  • The packet communications charges of the subscriber of the packet communications charges discount service is not applicable for free communications in the rate plan.
  • When newly subscribing or changing the selection in the packet communications charges discount service, or "apply from current month" is selected when newly subscribing or changing the selection within the same month, the service will be applied from the date of the new subscription, or the date of changing the selection. In this case, the flat rate charges and free communication charges are calculated daily.
  • When additionally subscribing for the packet communications charges discount service, the service will be applied from the following month. Please select "apply from current month" while subscribing if you wish the service to be applied from the current month. However, when a subscriber has already subscribed to another packet communications charges discount service and is changing the service, "apply from current month" cannot be selected. Therefore, the flat rate charges will not be calculated daily.
  • "Plan E Simple" users cannot apply for this service.
  • * If packet communications charges exceed a certain amount, the account may be temporarily suspended.
  • By phoneOpen 9:00 – 20:00

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      0120-959-472(Toll Free)

    • Portuguese

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    • Chinese

      0120-959-476(Toll Free)

    • Korean

      0120-959-478(Toll Free)

    • Tagalog

      0120-933-952(Toll Free)

    • Vietnamese

      0120-933-961(Toll Free)

    • Japanese
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      157(Toll Free)from au phones

      0077-7-111(Toll Free)

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