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How to use: (3G Feature phones)

This guide describes settings that must be configured on 3G Feature phones for use overseas and how to use these devices.

Before departing

<If necessary> Airplane Mode setting

If necessary, set your device to Airplane Mode during your flight.

After arriving

  1. STEP1Turn your device's international settings on

    ■3G Feature phones

    • Center key
    • arrow
    • (Tool) [1] 
    • arrow
    • Global Function
    • arrow
    • Area Setting
    • arrow
    • Overseas
    • [1] Some models only
    • * If you are still unable to use even after setting the above, turn the power off and on, and check again.



  2. STEP2Eligible carrier settings


    If using packet communication on a 3G Feature phones, manually select an eligible carrier at your travel destination. With automatic selection, there is a risk of connecting to a carrier that is not covered, resulting in higher packet communication charges.


    You should now be able to use.

    Confirm eligible carriers here by entering the service area and model.

How to check service providers


After returning

STEP1Restore the settings for use in Japan

After returning, switch the mobile phone area settings to the domestic Japan mode to use.

■3G Feature phone

  • Center key
  • arrow
  • ツール(Tool) [1]
  • arrow
  • グローバル機能(Global Function) 
  • arrow
  • エリア設定(Area Setting)
  • arrow
  • 日本(Japan)
  • [1]Some models only