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How to use: (3G Feature phone)

Usage settings

Switch the network mode of the mobile network to "Overseas" to use.

■3G Feature phone

 Center key  (Tool) [1]  Global Function  Area Setting  Overseas 

  • [1]Some models only
  • * If you are still unable to use even after setting the above, turn the power off and on, and check again.
Usage settings image


If using packet communication on a 3G mobile phone, manually select an eligible carrier at your travel destination. With automatic selection, there is a risk of connecting to a carrier that is not covered, resulting in higher packet communication charges.

Overseas Double-Teigaku (for 3G Feature phones)

Return the settings to those for use within Japan

After returning, switch the mobile phone area settings to the domestic Japan mode to use.

■3G Feature phone

 Center key  Global Function  Area Setting