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How to use : Using overseas (au World Service)

This guide describes settings that must be configured on au smartphones, mobile phones, and tablets for use overseas and how to use these devices.

Feel reassured with setting and usage methods contained in one guide

Before departing

(1) Check services and charges at your travel destination

Select the area or country of your travel destination and the model name you use to check the provided services and charges.

Click here to check the areas and charges of your travel destination

(2) Download the app

This app allows you to easily check if Overseas Double-Teigaku is available at your country/region of stay and describes how to make calls while overseas. Be sure to upgrade to the latest version of the app before using at your travel destination.

GLOBAL PASSPORT app (in Japanese only)

(3) Set to Airplane Mode

If necessary, set your device to Airplane Mode during your flight.

After departing

Configure usage settings

Setting methods differ depending on the model. Select your mobile phone below.

au World Service SMS notifications

When you arrive at your overseas destination, you receive an SMS notification from KDDI informing you of how to make calls while overseas, if your area is eligible for Overseas Double-Teigaku, and more. These notifications are free of charge.

au World Service SMS notifications


SMS notifications may not be delivered depending on your model and other circumstances.
The number and content of sent SMS notifications vary depending on the country or region in which you use the service, or the service provider to which you are connected.

How to use (phone, SMS, data communication)

(1) Making a call

+ - country code - phone number excluding 0 at the beginning

Example:To call Japan 03-1234-XXXX, dial "+81(country code)31234XXXX"

Example:To call the U.S. Mainland 123-456-XXXX, dial "+1(country code)123456XXXX"

  • * Press and hold "0" or "*" to dial "+".
  • * When calling someone who is traveling with you (calling a Japanese mobile phone), it is the same as calling Japan.

(2) Sending SMS (C-mail)

SMS (C-mail) can be used the same way as in Japan.


(3) Using e-mail and the Internet (data communication)

SMS (C-mail) can be used the same way as in Japan.

  • * To use data communication, turn on data roaming.
  • * Some applications may access the Internet and perform data communication even when the user does not operate the device.
  • * It is recommended to turn OFF data roaming when you are not using data communication.

After returning

Return the settings to those for use within Japan

After returning, it is recommended to set the roaming setting of your model to OFF. If you leave the setting ON, your phone may automatically use the roaming connection the next time you go overseas.

Setting methods differ depending on the model. Select your mobile phone below.