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au World Service Handset Rental

au World Service compatible rental models are available. Please feel free to rent and use them.

  • *This is a rental service for customers who own phones that support IC cards.
au World Service - Handset Rental Service:MARVERA
  • ※1MARVERA is the rental model for customers currently using the PT003, GRATINA, and GRATINA2 (dedicated micro au IC card models).
    Customers using models other than the PT300, GRATINA, and GRATINA2 cannot use the MARVERA.
au World Service - Handset Rental Service:URBANO AFFARE

Overview of use

To Apply Download Terms of Use au World Service - Handset rental service Guide for designated counters Guide for designated counters

The following are necessary if you apply for same day lending at an airport counter.

au mobile phone user Individual Business
Store patron Contractor Persons other than contractor Employee
Application requirements Personal identification such as a passport Personal identification such as a passport

A"letter of attorney" from the contractor*
Proof of employee status such as employee ID or business card
au mobile telephone


Please update your PRL (roaming area information) prior to making your trip if using au World Service CDMA overseas. Also, before using au World Service response devices (GSM, CDMA) overseas, please change the area settings to overseas (overseas country, region) mode.

For users of models which do not support auIC cards or micro auIC cards

If you use the following models, you cannot use the rental service.
All 4G LTE models, URBANO PROGRESSO, ISW16SH, IS15SH, ISW13F, IS12M, IS12F, ISW12HT, ISW11M, ISW11HT, iPhone 4S

For customers who would like to receive a handset at an airport counter

Make sure to receive the rental handset before going through the departure procedure. If you transfer from a domestic flight to an international flight, you may be unable to receive the handset. Use the home delivery service to receive the handset. Failure to receive the handset incurs cancellation fees.

For F001 or smartphone users

If an auIC card is replaced between F001 or a smartphone and the rental handset, be sure to configure initial settings.
(If settings are not configured, packet communications and SMS (C-mail) transmission are not available.)

*All of the indicated amounts exclude tax unless otherwise specified.