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Service areas & Charges: Using overseas(au World Service)

  • * Available carriers and services differ depending on the model.
    Due to local carrier circumstances, connection may be established in the country even if the search result shows that your model cannot be used in the country, or connection may be established with carriers that are not included in the list of available carriers. Even in these cases, voice call and data communications charges are incurred.
  • * To use World Data Flat, you must be subscribed to Data Charge. Even if <Applicable data charge> indicates that World Data Flat is supported, World Data Flat is not available if you are not subscribed to Data Charge.

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Register the model name.

  • *Services may not be available depending on the model.
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From Ship/Airplane, make inquiries to the number below

When calling from an au mobile phone(free of charge), from a general phone (calling charges apply)


  • Available hours: 24 hours a day
  • *Press and hold "0" or "*" to dial "+".
    Dialing "+" differs depending on your mobile phone model. For details, check your user manual.