How to use : iPhone 4s

This guide describes settings that must be configured on iPhone 4s for use overseas and how to use these devices.

Before departing

<If necessary> Airplane Mode setting

If necessary, set your device to Airplane Mode during your flight.

After arriving

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    Turn your device's international settings on

    (1) Making calls and using SMS and data communication

    設定(Settings) → モバイルデータ通信(Cellular) → ローミング(Roaming) → use with "音声通話ローミング(Voice Roaming)" and "データローミング(Data Roaming)" set to ON.

    (2) Making calls and using SMS only

    設定(Settings) → モバイルデータ通信(Cellular) → ローミング(Roaming) → use with "音声通話ローミング(Voice Roaming)" set to ON and "データローミング(Data Roaming)" set to OFF.

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    Eligible carrier settings


    If using packet communication on a 3G smartphone, manually select an eligible carrier at your travel destination. With automatic selection, there is a risk of connecting to a carrier that is not covered, resulting in higher packet communication charges.

    How to Access

    設定(Settings) → モバイルデータ通信(Cellular)  → ローミング(Roaming) → set "グローバルCDMA(International CDMA)" to OFF and return to "設定(Settings)" → Carrier → set "自動(Automatic)" to OFF, and manually select an eligible carrier.

    You should now be able to use.

    Confirm eligible carriers here by entering the service area and model.

How to check carriers

How to Access

設定(Select Settings) → Carrier to display the carrier you are connected to.

After returning

Restore the settings for use in Japan

After returning to Japan, it is recommended that you set "ローミング(Roaming)" to OFF. If you leave the setting ON, your phone may automatically use the roaming connection the next time you go overseas. Restore the settings to those for use within Japan before using.

設定(Settings) → モバイルデータ通信(Cellular) → ローミング(Roaming) → set "音声通話ローミング(Voice Roaming)" to ON and "データローミング(Data Roaming)" to OFF.

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