Qua tab QZ10

Fully enjoy watching TV *1*2. A tablet for the entire family.

  1. Connection of the supplied TV antenna cable is required for viewing and recording TV.
  2. Records to internal memory or separately sold microSDXC (256 GB max.).

Product Summary

  • Display Size
    Approx. 10.1 inches
  • Main camera effective pixels
    Approx. 13.00 million pixels
  • Battery Capacity
  • Internal memory capacity (RAM/ROM)
  • Size
    Approx. 259 x 168 x 8.6mm
  • Weight
    Approx. 503g
  • Wi-Fi
  • OS
    Android™ 7.1
  • 4G LTE (800MHz/2GHz)
    4G LTE (800MHz/2GHz)
    We provide an ultra high-speed communication services with a maximum receiving speed of 75 Mbps that is easy to connect to with a 99% population coverage rate (800 MHz). * The maximum receiving speed differs depending on the model and area.
  • au VoLTE
    au VoLTE
    Allows you to use clearer voice calls compared to 3G.

    Detail From here

  • TV
    Users can watch digital terrestrial broadcasting TV.

    Detail From here

  • Water proof
    Water proof
    Mobile phones durable to water.
  • Osaifu-Keitai®
    Feature phones which can be used as a prepaid card, store member ship card or ticket.
  • au World Service
    au World Service
    Service for using current au cellphone and number overseas.

    Detail From here

  • Hi-Res
    Playback music with sound quality higher than that of music CDs.
  • Emergency Rapid Mail
    Emergency Rapid Mail
    Emergency news service for earthquakes, tsunami or other disasters and their evacuation sites announced by the National Weather Service, national and local governments. *Some cellphones will only receive emergency earthquake news.

Product Video

(in Japanese Only)

Record lots of TV *3*4 and enjoy on a large screen anywhere you like.

Enjoy video or the internet anywhere in your home at any time.

Record and watch lots of TV

Support for recording FullSeg or 1Seg to external memory

In addition to viewing FullSeg and 1Seg*3, you can also record up to 32 hours of FullSeg onto an external memory*4. You can then watch your recorded programs anywhere you like at any time.

Large 10.1-inch display

The large screen allows you to enjoy movies and live music concerts with powerful images. You can enjoy watching with family and friends.

Front stereo speakers

This tablet is equipped with speakers at both ends of the display. The speakers allow you to enjoy TV programs, YouTube TM, and other video with powerful sound.

  • A stand (sample) is included.
  1. Connection of the supplied TV antenna cable is required for viewing and recording TV.
  2. Records to internal memory or separately sold microSDXC (256 GB max.).

Use in the kitchen or bathtub thanks to Wet Touch®, which offers warm water support, water resistance, and dust resistance

This tablet supports warm water resistance*5 in addition to normal water and dust resistance. Furthermore, it comes with the Wet Touch function, which enables the touchscreen to be operated even when the screen or your hands are wet. You can enjoy your recorded programs around the kitchen sink or even while taking a bath.

  1. IPX5/8 water resistance. Also passed Kyocera original testing in which the device functioned normally when splashed with warm bathwater (up to 43°C).
  • When using, be sure the caps are securely attached. Do not use in such environment for a long period of time. Do not immerse the device in bathwater. Do not immerse the device in hot spring water, bathwater with bath powder, etc. If the device is subjected to these, or if shampoo, soap, or other similar substance becomes adhered to the device, immediately rinse with tap water.
  • After use, rinse the device with tap water, dry with a dry soft cloth, and remove the device from the bathroom.
  • Drastic changes in temperature may cause the packing to contract increasing the risk of water entering the device. Bring the device into the bathroom after returning it to a normal temperature.
  • Due to the signal conditions in the bathroom, some functions are not available.
  • The supplied TV antenna cable is not water resistant.
  • Do not splash the device with or immerse the device in water other than tap water (e.g. water containing alcohol, soap, detergent, etc.).
  • Do not splash the device with or immerse the device in hot water. This device does not have a heat resistant design.

Colors that blend with your interior and convenient Info Clock

Info Clock becomes part of your interior

This tablet can be used as a clock or photo frame while charging.

  • Pre-setting is required.

Color variations

Stand (sample)

A stand (sample) in the same color as the tablet is included.

Stationery-like Rollbahn® flap case (sold separately)

  • Screen automatically turns on/off when the case is opened or closed
  • Screen on-time is automatically extended when the tablet is propped up
  • Water-repellent finish so no worries about it getting wet
  • Preregistration is required

The original case was made in collaboration with the popular Rollbahn Series produced by renowned stationery maker DELFONICS.

Security functions for all the family, from children to adults

Functions for all the family Child Lock

You can specify one app that the child can use to prevent them accidentally launching other apps.
You can also prevent excessive usage by setting a time limit.

  • Presetting is required.

Magnifier mode

Makes the font and icon size larger in one fell swoop. With the benefit of the tablet's large screen, text on web pages becomes more easily readable.

Blue light reduction

You can activate the blue light reduction function to reduce eye strain when watching a video or reading for a long time.

  • Presetting is required.

Quick-launch all your favorite apps at once with the Customize button

After registering your frequently used apps, a short press of the button launches them all at once. A long press lets you change the apps to be launched.

  • Child Lock is registered at time of purchase.

Smooth linking with your smartphone au Share Link

You can link this tablet with your smartphone and receive incoming call notifications, emails (@ezweb.ne.jp), SMS, and other notifications that are sent to your smartphone.

  • "Child Lock" is registered at the time of purchase.
  • "au Share Link" can be used by configuring the pair setting with an Android TM smartphone or 4G LTE mobile phone. An au contract is required for each device. For details about the "au Share Link" app, check the au homepage.


  • To connect to the Internet, subscription to the separate "LTE NET course" is required.
  • The device can be used only with an au Nano IC Card 04 LE.
  • When connecting to the Internet via tethering, it may not work correctly depending on your usage environment and external connected devices. To use tethering, application for the Tethering Option is required
  • EZweb service and EZ apps are not available. When you switch from the current mobile phone contracted under the EZ WIN Course to a new one, note that your subscription to EZweb service and EZweb site, e-mail newsletters, Machi-Uta is not automatically terminated or cancelled. To cancel or unsubscribe from these services, please take necessary procedures.
  • Tablets may access the Internet in some applications even when a user does not operate the device. In regards to the installation of apps, some apps installed from the Internet pose the risk of making tablets' (and PCs alike) operations unstable or of making tablets complicit in illicit activities due to attacks by malicious hackers. Accordingly, make sure that a provider of an app to be installed is reliable and check its operating conditions before use. Please note that apps installed by yourself and any malfunctions arising from them are not covered by the warranty. KDDI is not responsible for any trouble resulting from installation of apps.
  • All screen depictions are simulated images. Actual screen may differ.
  • Product specifications may change without notice.

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