Qua tab PZ

10-inch tablet equipped with TV that displays a stylish clock when charging

Product Summary

  • Display Size
    Approx. 10.1 inches
  • Main camera effective pixels
    Approx. 5.00 million pixels
  • Battery Capacity
  • Internal memory capacity (RAM/ROM)
  • Size
    Approx. 258 x 164 x 7.9mm
  • Weight
    Approx. 486g
  • Wi-Fi
  • OS
    Android™ 6.0
  • 4G LTE (800MHz/2GHz)
    4G LTE (800MHz/2GHz)
    We provide an ultra high-speed communication services with a maximum receiving speed of 75 Mbps that is easy to connect to with a 99% population coverage rate (800 MHz). * The maximum receiving speed differs depending on the model and area.
  • au VoLTE
    au VoLTE
    Allows you to use clearer voice calls compared to 3G.

    Detail From here

  • TV
    Users can watch digital terrestrial broadcasting TV.

    Detail From here

  • Water proof
    Water proof
    Mobile phones durable to water.
  • Osaifu-Keitai®
    Turn the phone into e-money, a train ticket, or a point card. This convenient service lets you use the phone for various situations just by touching it to a reader.
  • au World Service
    au World Service
    Service for using current au cellphone and number overseas.

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  • Hi-Res
    Playback music with sound quality higher than that of music CDs.
  • Emergency Rapid Mail
    Emergency Rapid Mail
    Emergency news service for earthquakes, tsunami or other disasters and their evacuation sites announced by the National Weather Service, national and local governments. *Some cellphones will only receive emergency earthquake news.

Product Video

(in Japanese Only)

point 1

High-capacity 7,000 mAh battery lets you enjoy TV to your heart's content *1

High-capacity 7,000 mAh battery

The tablet is equipped with a high-capacity battery that ensures worry-free use, even when you are on a weekend trip or out on business. In the event that the battery dies, you can use rapid charging*2 to fully charge the depleted battery in approximately 230 minutes.

High-capacity 7,000 mAh battery

1Seg and Full Seg support makes it easy to enjoy TV whenever you like

With the ability to comfortably enjoy TV*1 even on the go, you can be sure to catch any live broadcast that you want to watch.

1Seg and Full Seg support makes it easy to enjoy TV whenever you like
  1. Requires connection with the included "LG TV Antenna Cable 01".
  2. Use of the common AC Adapter 05 (sold separately) is required.
point 2

Waterproof and dustproof performance*3 ensures peace of mind when using in the kitchen or around water

IPX5/IPX7 waterproof performance and IP6X dustproof performance

IPX5/IPX7 waterproof performance and IP6X dustproof performance

You can use the tablet in the kitchen without having to worry about it getting wet.

  1. IPX5/IPX7 waterproof performance and IP6X dustproof performance. Make sure that the caps are securely attached during use. Do not immerse the tablet in ocean, pool, or hot spring water. Do not expose or immerse the tablet in anything other than room temperature tap water. This includes alcohol, soap, detergent, and other liquids. Do not expose or immerse the tablet in hot water. The tablet is not designed to resist heat.

au Share Link*4 lets you connect to a smartphone for even greater convenience

If you connect to a smartphone that supports au Share Link, you can have your tablet with you in the kitchen, and get notifications of any incoming calls or emails received by your smartphone in the other room. You can also operate your smartphone remotely from the tablet screen, making it easy to send reply messages.

Incoming call notification, Link to smartphone screen

au Gallery au Share Link

You can take photos with your smartphone or mobile phone, and enjoy them on the large screen of the tablet*5.

au Gallery au Share Link
  1. Available when the tablet is paired with a compatible Android™ smartphone. An au contract is required for each device.
  1. In the case of a smartphone, au Gallery is only available when using Qua phone. In the case of a 4G LTE mobile phone, photos are synced only when using the automatic photo transfer function of au Share Link.
point 3

When charging, a stylish clock screen is displayed, with easy access to entertainment and lifestyle information

The Info Clock function turns your tablet into a stylish clock when charging

Info Clock can automatically perform a variety of tasks to help get your day off to a good start, from waking you up to checking your morning information.

The Info Clock function turns your tablet into a stylish clock when charging

Info Clock includes a simple learning function that remembers your preferences

The tablet keeps track of the TV shows that you usually watch and the information that you usually check, and it automatically selects them for you*. This function is convenient in the morning, when you are short on time.

  • These actions are performed only when the TV or Info Clock is turned on.
Info Clock includes a simple learning function that remembers your preferences

Info Clock features a launcher with easy access to the functions you use most

The launcher adds convenience to your daily life by providing easy access to a wide variety of functions, ranging from apps for photo slideshows or video streaming services, to various au services.

Info Clock features a launcher with easy access to the functions you use most

<List of au services that can be accessed from launcher>

  • A stand is not included.


  • To connect to the Internet, subscription to the separate "LTE NET course" is required.
  • The device can be used only with an au Nano IC Card 04 LE.
  • When connecting to the Internet via tethering, it may not work correctly depending on your usage environment and external connected devices. To use tethering, application for the Tethering Option is required
  • EZweb service and EZ apps are not available. When you switch from the current mobile phone contracted under the EZ WIN Course to a new one, note that your subscription to EZweb service and EZweb site, e-mail newsletters, Machi-Uta is not automatically terminated or cancelled. To cancel or unsubscribe from these services, please take necessary procedures.
  • Tablets may access the Internet in some applications even when a user does not operate the device. In regards to the installation of apps, some apps installed from the Internet pose the risk of making tablets' (and PCs alike) operations unstable or of making tablets complicit in illicit activities due to attacks by malicious hackers. Accordingly, make sure that a provider of an app to be installed is reliable and check its operating conditions before use. Please note that apps installed by yourself and any malfunctions arising from them are not covered by the warranty. KDDI is not responsible for any trouble resulting from installation of apps.
  • All screen depictions are simulated images. Actual screen may differ.
  • Product specifications may change without notice.

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