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G Flex LGL23 Specifications & Services

Specifications & Services


Brand name LG Electronics

Basic Specifications

Size (W x H x D) Approx. 82 x 161 x 8.8 mm
Weight Approx. 178 g
Battery Capacity 3,500mAh
Continuous Call Time
(Voice Call Time / When used within Japan) *1
Approx. 1,260 minutes
Continuous Standby Time
(When used within Japan) *1
4G LTE area: Approx.670 hours
3G area: Approx. 690 hours
Battery life *2 -
Charge Time Approx. 130 minutes [1]
Battery removal -
External memory
(Maximum storage capacity of compatible cards) *3
Up to 128GB microSDXC™ [2]
Internal Memory Capacity (ROM) *4 32GB
Internal Memory Capacity (RAM) *4 2GB
Number of Addresses Registered in Address Book Varies depending on free space in handset memory
Display Type Main:POLED
Display Size Main:Approx. 6.0 inches
Maximum Number of Colors Displayable on LCD Main:Approx. 16.77 million colors
Display resolution Main:1,280 x 720(HD)
Waterproof *5 -
Dustproof *5 -
au IC Card au Micro IC Card (4G LTE)
OS *6 Android™ 4.2
CPU MSM8974 2.3GHz Quad-core
  • *1The continuous call time and continuous standby time listed are average time lengths for usage from combined moving and fixed locations with normal signal reception. The actual times for which the phone can be used will vary widely depending on a variety of conditions, including calling time, number of calls, email composing time, number of sent and received emails, usage conditions of Internet and applications, and network conditions. (More frequent usage or poor signal reception shortens these times. Less frequent usage extends the times.)
  • *2Displayed on models from summer 2016 onwards.
  • *3This figure has been confirmed through the operation test following KDDI's standard. With some models, copyrighted data that can be stored in external storage is transferable to secured external memories. However, note that the availability varies depending on the manufacturers: some microSD™ cards, microSDHC™ cards and microSDXC™ cards even with the above-mentioned specifications may be unsupported.
  • *4The entire memory capacity cannot be used to save apps and data.
  • *5Be sure the caps are securely fastened and the battery cover on devices with a removable battery cover is firmly in place. Do not immerse the unit in ocean, pool, or hot water. Do not place the unit on the sand.
  • *6Information at the time of release. Click here for the latest update information.

    Products update information (in Japanese only)

  • [1]Measured with the common AC adapter 04
  • [2]Connection of the supplied microSD™ card reader/writer is required.


4G LTE(2GHz) & WiMAX 2+
Carrier Aggregation
Downlink: Max (Mbps) *7
4G LTE (800MHz)<Platinum band>
Downlink: Max / Uplink: Max (Mbps) *7
75 / 25
4G LTE (2GHz)
Downlink: Max / Uplink: Max (Mbps) *7
150 / 12 [3]
Carrier Aggregation
Downlink: Max (Mbps) *7
WiMAX 2+
Downlink: Max / Uplink: Max (Mbps) *7
WiMAX 2+
Carrier Aggregation
Downlink: Max / Uplink: Max (Mbps) *7
Downlink: Max / Uplink: Max (Mbps) *7
9.2 / 5.5
Downlink: Max / Uplink: Max (Mbps) *7
3.1 / 1.8
Tethering YES (8 devices maximum)
Wi-Fi standard IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Miracast YES
Bluetooth® Ver.4.0
Infrared Communications - (Only remote control functions are supported)
  • *7Maximum transmission speed differs depending on the service area and communication standards. For details, please see the service area map.

    Service area (in Japanese only)

  • [3]150Mbps is not available in some areas.
  • *Each of the above communication speeds is a best-effort service. Note that the maximum communication speed is not the actual communication speed, but the maximum value based on the technical standards. The actual speed may fall substantially short of the maximum for various reasons including customer's communication environment and traffic conditions.


Effective Pixels Main:13.20 million pixels
Sub:2.40million pixels
Imaging element Main:CMOS
Shooting light Still image:-
Auto-focus Shooting Still image:YES
Camera shake correction function & Camera shake reduction function Still image:-
Macro Function -
Maximum Movie Shooting Size 3,840 x 2,160(4K)
Maximum Still Image Shooting Size 4,160 x 3,120
Zoom Function - Still image 8 x
Zoom Function - Movie 8 x


TV (Viewing) 1Seg:YES
Full Seg:YES
TV (Recording) 1Seg:YES
Full Seg:-
TV (Continuous Viewing Time) 1Seg:Approx. 350 minutes
Full Seg:Approx. 210 minutes


Hi-Res YES [4]
Battery conservation YES ( Battery saving ) [5]
au Basic Home YES [6]
au Share Link -
Security Buzzer -
Bilingual Function YES (64 languages including Japanese)
au World Service YES (LTE/GSM/UMTS)
Osaifu-Keitai® YES, NFC (FeliCa integrated)
Acquire information/Link (NFC) YES
Emergency Rapid Mail YES
Emergency call location notification YES
SMS (c-mail) YES
Email (...@ezweb.ne.jp) YES
Voice Mail YES
External connection YES Output via Slim Port
  • [4]Hi-Res headphones (sold separately) are required.
  • [5]Restricted functions differ for each model. For details, see the instruction manual.
  • [6]Download of the app is required.
    * Product specifications may change without notice.
Bundled items microSD™ card reader/writer (sample), au IC Card opener (sample)
  • * Separate purchase of a common AC adapter is required for charging.
Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of Electrical Waves
Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of Electrical Waves

For details(In Japanese Only)


au Smart Pass YES
Video Pass YES
Uta Pass YES
Book Pass YES
Ohanashi Assitant YES
Keitai Guarantee Service Plus LTE YES
Keitai Guarantee Service Plus -
Anshin Security Pack YES
Secure Access for Android(TM) YES
Secuirty Navi (Tracker) YES
Secuirty Navi (Tracked) YES
  • * Please visit the individual pages to find out more about each service. Service specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
  • * Download of apps may be required for some services.