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Calling with a standard au phone: Prepaid Services

Calling with a standard au phone

Calling with a standard au phone

You can use the prepaid service with your current au phone by simply purchasing and registering a prepaid card. This is very convenient if you want to make separate payments for business and personal calling charges.

Purchasing a prepaid card

Prepaid cards are purchasable nationwide at au Shops, PiPit, and some convenience stores.

  • *Some shops may not carry prepaid cards.

Charged fees and available usage periods

Calling cost Service area
Weekday daytime (8:00 AM to 7:00 PM)
Weekend and holiday daytime (8:00 AM to 11:00 PM)
15 sec. / ¥10 (tax included) Nationwide Japan
Weekday nighttime (7:00 PM to 11:00 PM)
Late night / Early morning (11:00 PM to 8:00 AM)
14.5 sec. / ¥10 (tax included)
Prepaid card type Available usage amount Available usage period [1]
¥3,000 (non taxed) ¥3,300 (tax included) 365 days
¥5,000 (non taxed) ¥5,500 (tax included) 365 days
¥10,000 (non taxed) ¥10,000 (tax included) 365 days
Three Little Pigs card [2]
(Card set with three ¥1,000 (non taxed) cards)
¥1,000/card (tax included) 365 days
  • [1] These fees are for usage with your current au phone.
  • [2] Only available at stores.

Usable services

Calling overseas

You can make international calls using the KDDI 001 service without entering into a usage contract.

Making an international call

Calling charges (example)

Area Calling charges
USA 12 sec. / ¥20 (tax exempt)
South Korea 9 sec. / ¥20 (tax exempt)
China (mainland and Hong Kong) & Taiwan 8 sec. / ¥20 (tax exempt)
England, Germany, France 6 sec. / ¥20 (tax exempt)

How to use

Switching to prepaid mode is easy!

How to use
  • *Some models automatically attach 1401 for you.


  • If your registered balance reaches ¥0 during transmission or calling, you will be unable to use the service even if in the middle of a call.
  • You cannot send email or use EZweb with the prepaid service.
  • KDDI does not issue detailed phone bills for calls made using the prepaid service.
  • Discount services are not available for use with calls made using the prepaid service.
  • If you cancel, temporarily suspend, or change the phone number of your current au phone, your prepaid service will be cancelled and your balance will be deleted.
  • You can register up to 10 prepaid cards at one time. However, registration cannot exceed a 365 day available usage period or ¥60,000 (tax included) registered balance.
  • You cannot use your prepaid balance to pay your monthly billing amount.