The push notification function of the LINE application for this model is scheduled to be stopped.

For details, refer to "Notification regarding the stop of the push notification function of the LINE application for some models"(in Japanese only).

The toughest* mobile phone is here.

Product Summary

  • Main camera effective pixels
    Approx. 13.00 million pixels
  • Battery Capacity
  • Size
    Approx. 54 x 118 x 23.3mm
    * Excludes protrusions.
  • Weight
    Approx. 182g
  • 4G LTE
    4G LTE
    We provide an ultra high-speed communication services with a maximum receiving speed of 75 Mbps that is easy to connect to with a 99% population coverage rate (800 MHz). * The maximum receiving speed differs depending on the model and area.
  • au VoLTE
    au VoLTE
    Allows you to use clearer voice calls compared to 3G.

    Detail From here

  • TV
    Users can watch digital terrestrial broadcasting TV.

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  • Water proof
    Water proof
    Mobile phones durable to water.
  • Osaifu-Keitai®
    Turn the phone into e-money, a train ticket, or a point card. This convenient service lets you use the phone for various situations just by touching it to a reader.

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  • au World Service
    au World Service
    Service for using current au cellphone and number overseas.

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  • Infrared Communications
    Infrared Communications
    Using infrared communication, users can send / receive phone numbers, pictures, data.

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  • Emergency Rapid Mail
    Emergency Rapid Mail
    Emergency news service for earthquakes, tsunami or other disasters and their evacuation sites announced by the National Weather Service, national and local governments. *Some cellphones will only receive emergency earthquake news.

Product Video

(in Japanese Only)

point 1

Ultra-tough handset with extreme durability to survive 18 types of tests, including a drop test from 1.8 meters*

The TORQUE X01 demonstrated high durability performance in compliance with 18 categories of MIL-STD-810G durability testing established by the US Department of Defense, and it withstood Kyocera's proprietary drop test from a height of 1.8 meters onto a steel plate and concrete.

Water resistance (blowing rain/immersion/raindrops)

Conducted water resistance tests that subjected the device to rainfall of 1.7 mm/min for 30 minutes in each of 6 different orientations, immersion in water at depth of approx. 1.5 meters for 30 minutes, and raindrops from height of 1 meter (15 minutes).

Impact resistance (drop/impact)

Conducted Kyocera's proprietary test in which the device was dropped from a height of 1.8 meters onto a steel plate and concrete in 26 different orientations.

Dust resistance

Conducted continuous 6-hour dust resistance tests (wind speed of 8.9 m/sec, and dust concentration of 10.6 g/m³).

Vibration resistance

Conducted 3-hour vibration tests (1 hour in each of 3 different orientations at frequency of 20 to 2,000 Hz).

Temperature resistance (high temperature operation and storage/low temperature operation and storage/temperature shock)

Conducted tests in operating environment of -21°C/50°C (3 hours at each temperature), in storage environment of -30°C/60°C (4 hours at each temperature), and in environment with rapid temperature changes from -21°C to 50°C (for 3 hours).

Low pressure compatibility (operation and storage at low pressure)

Conducted continuous 2-hour tests to check operation and storage in low pressure environments (57.2 kPA/equivalent to altitude of approx. 4,572 meters).

Humidity resistance

Conducted continuous 10-day high-humidity tests (95% RH).

Solar radiation resistance

Conducted tests that subjected the device to a 20-hour period of exposure to solar radiation (total of 1,120 W/m²) followed by a 4-hour period of non-exposure, repeatedly for a period of 10 days.

Freezing resistance (icing and low-temperature rain/freezing-thawing)

Conducted freezing tests in which the device was subjected to a temperature of -10°C to cause condensation and fogging. After sustaining this temperature for 1 hour, device operation was checked in a 25°C environment with 95% RH, and it was placed in water at a temperature of -10°C until the formation of 6-mm thick ice occurred.

  • The first au feature phone to comply with 18 testing standards of the US Department of Defense (MIL-STD-810G) (As of December 20, 2016 examined by Kyocera). There is no guarantee of being impervious to damages.

[MIL-STD-810G] Conducted tests that comply with 18 testing standards of the US Department of Defense (MIL-STD-810G) [Blowing Rain, Immersion, Rain Drip, Sand and Dust, Shock, Vibration, Solar Radiation, Humidity, High Temperature, Low Temperature, Temperature Shock, Low Pressure, Freeze-Thaw, Icing/Freezing Rain].

The performance of this product is checked under the conditions of the testing environment and does not constitute a guarantee for operation for every condition of actual use.

Also, there is no guarantee of being impervious to damages or malfunctions.

[Impact resistance] Conducted tests compliant with MIL-STD-810G Method 516.7-Shock ProcedureIV, as well as a Kyocera-original drop test in which the product was dropped in 26 different orientations onto iron plates and concrete from a height of 1.8m. There is no guarantee against every shock.

[Water resistance] *IPX5/8 water resistant performance

[Dust resistance] *IP6X dust resistant performance

  • Impact resistance performance is assumed to be that for daily use. Note that the device may break if subjected to extreme impact such as throwing the device or dropping it in an excessive manner. Also, the device may become damaged from impact by dropping even if there is no abnormality in the impact resistance performance.
point 2

Wide variety of sensor-based apps that come in handy outdoors


View a variety of useful outdoor information, such as the weather, barometric pressure, and temperature. Information can also be shown on the sub display.







Barometric pressure/Altitude

Barometric pressure/Altitude

Barometric pressure/Weather forecast

Barometric pressure/Weather forecast





Fish activity

Fish activity

* The values are rough indications and are for illustrative purposes only.

Scheduled notifications of sensor-based app information

[Audio notification function]

When this function is enabled, the handset reads out information such as the temperature every 30 minutes at the top and bottom of the hour.

Audio notifications when entering/exiting 4G LTE service areas

[In/out of service area notification function]

* Battery life may be reduced depending on the usage environment or conditions.

point 3

High-volume speakers, and bright display that is easy to view even in bright sunlight

High-volume speakers are easy to hear outdoors

Front dual speakers

A speaker volume of 100 dB makes it easy to hear the handset over the sound of wind, rain, or a nearby river.

The speakers are designed to maintain their high volume even when the handset is folded shut.

Front dual speakers

Easy to operate while wearing gloves

Hard keys

The large, embossed hard keys provide a proper button-press sensation, making it easy to answer calls or operate the camera.

Easy to view, even in bright sunlight

Approx. 3.4-inch display

The display features a brightness adjustment function for outdoor use, and it is designed to minimize reflective glare.

The display is easy to view even under direct sunlight or in places with bright snow reflection.


  • Google Play Store™ and Gmail™ are not available.
  • EZweb site and EZ apps are not available with GRATINA 4G.
  • EZ services used with your previous feature phone cannot be used with GRATINA 4G. Cancellation of subscriptions to these services is the responsibility of the user.
  • 3G communication is not available with this model.
  • All screen depictions are simulated images. Actual screens may differ.

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