Safety and security in the palm of your child's hand Loud and clear GPS security buzzer

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Product Summary

  • Battery Capacity
  • Size
    Approx. 48 x 88 x 18.9mm (MAX : Approx. 20mm)
  • Weight
    Approx. 80g
  • 4G LTE (800MHz/2GHz)
    4G LTE (800MHz/2GHz)
    We provide an ultra high-speed communication services with a maximum receiving speed of 75 Mbps that is easy to connect to with a 99% population coverage rate (800 MHz). * The maximum receiving speed differs depending on the model and area.
  • au VoLTE
    au VoLTE
    Allows you to use clearer voice calls compared to 3G.

    Detail From here

  • TV
    Users can watch digital terrestrial broadcasting TV.

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  • Water proof
    Water proof
    Mobile phones durable to water.
  • Osaifu-Keitai®
    Turn the phone into e-money, a train ticket, or a point card. This convenient service lets you use the phone for various situations just by touching it to a reader.
  • au World Service
    au World Service
    Service for using current au cellphone and number overseas.

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  • Infrared Communications
    Infrared Communications
    Using infrared communication, users can send / receive phone numbers, pictures, data.

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  • Emergency Rapid Mail
    Emergency Rapid Mail
    Emergency news service for earthquakes, tsunami or other disasters and their evacuation sites announced by the National Weather Service, national and local governments. *Some cellphones will only receive emergency earthquake news.


  • Consult with your child's school in advance before your child takes the device into school.

Confirm your child's location

Know where your child has been "Movement Route Notifications" *1

When you want to know where your child is or when the security buzzer has been sounded, you can check your child's location or movements on a map by using your mobile phone, smartphone, or computer.

Know where your child has been "Movement Route Notifications

Easy checking of your child's location "Security Navi"

When you want to know now

You can check any time, whenever you want to know your child's whereabouts.

At set times

Set the times you want to check your child's movements - going to and from school, private lessons, etc. - to get an automatic notification of his or her whereabouts.

Check up wherever you may be

Use different devices depending on where you are; your smartphone or au mobile phone when you are out, your computer or tablet when you are at home.

  • Please check the page below for details of available functions

Be notified of your child's location by your child "Location Notifications" *2

Just by holding down the location notification key, the destinations registered to the one-touch keys are informed of the child's location via email.

Supports "Emergency Dispatch Service", a SECOM rescue service

Supports "Emergency Dispatch Service", a SECOM rescue service
option SECOM

Alert service*3

When the security buzzer sounds, an alert will automatically be sent to the COCO-SECOM Operation Center. The Operation Center will immediately contact the mamorino3, and then contact the destination that you have specified if necessary.

Emergency Dispatch Service*4

An emergency professional from the closest SECOM location will be sent to your child.

Security features just in case something happens

Improved functionality!

Supports "Emergency News Mail" *5

This service sends out earthquake early warnings and tsunami warnings from the Japan Meteorological Agency as well as information on disasters and evacuations from national and local authorities.

Supports Disaster Message Board & Disaster Message Dial

Supports services that can be used for safety notifications with family members, relatives or acquaintances in times of disaster.

  1. To use Movement Route Notifications, it is necessary to configure the start-up settings. It is also necessary to register destinations to the one-touch keys beforehand.

    Display of the position location map requires a terminal capable of handling SHA-2 or TLS1.0 or later.

  2. "Location Notifications" will be sent even if mail use has been set to OFF in the Guardian Menu.
  3. A separate contract with SECOM is required for using these services. Usage charges for the emergency dispatch service are separately incurred. Check the SECOM homepage for details.
  4. Usage charges for the emergency dispatch service are separately incurred. Check the SECOM homepage for details.
  5. Emergency News Mail may not be received when outside the service area, when calling or mailing, or when the signal is weak.
  • Although the monthly charge of the COCO-SECOM service (¥381 in the case of au Junior Phone) is normally added, no payment is required for this service thanks to an agreement between SECOM and KDDI.
  • Warning may not be received before strong shakes.
  • Only the initial warnings for tsunamis (large tsunamis and tsunamis) are issued. No notifications are issued after the warnings have been lifted.
  • Check the link below for details about the currently available message boards of local authorities and the Disaster Message Board.
  • Customers accessing EZweb must subscribe to the EZ WIN Course (\300/month).
  • In underground spaces and inside or behind buildings where it is difficult to receive GPS signals, the location information may become less accurate.
  • Additional packet communication charges are incurred at the time of use.
  • Area notification function is not supported.

Functionality reduced to only what is necessary

Functionality reduced to only what is necessary

Functionality limited to calling, mail, and GPS. Internet sites cannot be accessed, which lowers the risk of your children getting caught up in trouble.


It is also possible to disable mail and limit functionality to calling and GPS.


Control of incoming and outgoing calls and mails so that your children connect to registered destinations only [1]

Control of incoming and outgoing calls and mails so that your children connect to registered destinations only

Calling and mailing is only possible with numbers and addresses that you have set.


Feel secure knowing that emergency calls to 110, 119, and other agencies can be made.

Security even for everyday use


Improved functionality!

Durability that brings you peace of mind, even with your active kids always on the go[2] .

Waterproof and dustproof

Waterproof and dustproof

IPX8 compliance means improved protection against water ingress. Great protection against dust and dirt for even greater peace of mind[3].

Security features just in case something happens

Low battery notification

When the remaining battery power is down to one bar, a mail that the battery power is about to run out is automatically sent to the destination registered to one-touch key 1 [4].

  • Battery level 1: image

Battery cover lock

Battery cover lock

Since the battery cover can only be removed by using a special tool, third parties are prevented from removing it and damaging the device.

Supports Location Search Support (formerly known as Keitai-Search Service)

Supports a service that enables use of the GPS feature on a computer to confirm the location of a lost au mobile phone. Click the link below to check out Location Search Support.

Accident/liability insurance offered

Accident insurance for the child's unexpected injury and personal liability insurance for daily life are offered. Check the "Standard accident insurance with a special contract of personal liability" link below.

  1. Be sure to set the unwanted mail filter before using. (For the customers who purchased a mamorino series device after January 11, 2013, the unwanted mail filter is automatically applied about 3 days after the purchase.) When mamorino receives a mail from an address that has not been registered to the Address Book, a minimum necessary amount of communication (mail header reception only) occurs for the purpose of confirming the address of the sender, and then body of the message itself is deleted without being received so that there are no unnecessary packet communications. However, you can also prevent mail header package communications even when receiving mail by setting the unwanted mail filter beforehand.
  2. There is no guarantee against every shock.
  3. IPX5/IPX8 water resistance, IP5X dust resistance. Be sure the caps are securely fastened and battery cover is firmly in place before locking the cover. Do not immerse the unit in ocean, pool, or hot spring water. Do not place the unit on sand.
  4. It is necessary to configure settings beforehand. A notification mail will be sent even if mail use has been set to OFF in the Guardian Menu.

Simple and easy-to-understand one-touch keys

Simple and easy-to-understand one-touch keys

Simply register frequently called phone numbers to the 1, 2, and 3 keys and calls can be made with the touch of a button. Registered entries numbered 4-10 can be called by selecting them from the Address Book.

The text palette makes creating mail easy

The text palette makes creating mail easy

Mail can be created by using hiragana and katakana, as well as kanji and fixed phrases. The menu display can also be set to kanji.

Convenient features for everyday life and just in case something happens

Slide-switch security buzzer

Slide-switch security buzzer

The security buzzer can be sounded by pulling the strap for the security buzzer or sliding the slide-switch with a finger. When this buzzer is sounded, the security light will also flash.

Security light & Easy light

Security light & Easy light

Simple settings

Simple settings
Improved functionality!

By selecting a mode that matches the purpose of use, all the necessary functions can be set at once. Changing the settings that protect your children is simple.

Power off during school time

Power off during school time

Although the phone appears to be off, it is possible to search your child's location. Enjoy peace of mind even when your child is on the way home*.

Simple Answer Memo

A total of 10 messages can be left when your child cannot take a call or when power off during school time is activated.


An alarm can be set to sound at designated times.

Key backlight designs

Key backlight designs
  • Be sure to turn the power completely off when necessary, in such places as airplanes and medical facilities.
  • Consult with your child's school in advance before your child takes the device into school.

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