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Simple Phone K012

Product introduction

Enhanced audibility. Improved simplicity and convenience.

Equipped with new functions for improving audibility, such as the "Smart Sonic Receiver" technology that transmits voice clearly even in crowded and noisy environments.
This mobile phone also has keys that are easy see, recognize, and press, as well as secure and useful functions.

Enhanced audibility

Smart Sonic Receiver

Traditional mobile phones transmit sound through holes on a receiver, while K012 adopts the Smart Sonic Receiver technology which transmits sound directly from a display panel. Accordingly, it becomes easier to hear voice on the other end of the line even in crowded and noisy environments (e.g. on train platforms) where users often find it difficult to talk over the phone.

Picture: Smart Sonic Receiver
  • No need to mind the position of holes on the receiver!
    You can hear voice on the other end of the line simply by pressing your ear against the display panel.
    * There is no hole on the receiver.
  • Assured audibility even in crowded and noisy environments!
    You can hear voice by covering your ear firmly with the display panel, which reduces noise coming into the ear.

See the link below for further details about the Smart Sonic Receiver.

Smart Sonic Receiver


Smart Sonic Receiver received the "Best of CTIA Wireless 2012" award from "LAPTOP MAGAZINE" at the "CTIA WIRELESS 2012" communication technology exhibition held in the United States.

Easy to press

Keys easy to see, recognize, and press

Picture: Keys easy to see, recognize, and press

Reassurance and convenience

〈Volume control side key〉

This key enables the user to easily control the volume when finding difficult to hear voice on the other end of the line during a call.

〈Vocal recognition〉

The user can carry out various operations using "speech", such as launching the address book or functional configuration screen and activating apps.

〈Read out loud function〉

This function informs the user of how to operate the handset or reads out email messages using "speech". Also, a new function to automatically read information out loud while in manner mode has been added.

〈Voice message identification code reader〉

This model supports a function to read "voice message identification codes [1]" that contain textual information such as printed material. After reading textual information, the user can hear it using the read out loud function.

Key backlight designs

Photo: Key backlight designs
  • [1] "Voice message identification codes" are 2D code, which contains textual information of approx 800 characters including Kanji characters, developed by JAVIS (Japan Association for the Visually-impaired Information Support).
    To read the "voice message identification codes", a special assistant adapter is required.
    See the link below for more details.
    JAVIS' website