Speed Wi-Fi HOME L01s

Easy installation with no construction! Comfortable high speed internet at home

Performance that achieves maximum receiving speed of 440 Mbps*1 with no installation work required

Simply take it home and plug it in for instant high speed Internet access.

Supports 4×4 MIMO and carrier aggregation with WiMAX 2+.

Enjoy high-speed Internet communications with maximum receiving speed of 440 Mbps. *1

  1. Not available in some areas. For details, please see the service area map.

Simple design that matches any room

Equipped with LED OFF mode that turns off the blinking lights when you are trying to sleep.

High-performance Wi-Fi communications suitable for home use

You can enjoy stable communications across a wide area, such as in a family
home, with a higher level of performance than that of a mobile router. *2

  1. Compared to HUAWEI mobile router
    (Throughput measurement result based on HUAWEI testing standards)

Simply touch your device to connect to Wi-Fi!

In addition to the convenient NFC touch connection, this router also supports connection to the 5 GHz frequency using a QR code and can be connected to from Android OS or iOS devices. *3

  1. Not supported by some models. If you change the SSID or password, connection using the QR code is unavailable.
  • This service is a best-effort service. Note that the listed speeds are not the actual communication speeds, but the maximum values based on the technical standards. The actual speed may fall substantially short of the maximum for various reasons including the customer's communication environment and traffic conditions, even within service areas. The communication speed between the router and the connected device depends on the capability of the device. The maximum communication speed varies depending on factors such as the communication standard (WiMAX 2+/4G LTE) and service area.
  • This device cannot be used with 3G communications in Japan.

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Setting guide and manuals are available.

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