Unlimited Calling Plan(3G Mobile phone)

Announcement regarding termination of the CDMA 1X WIN service

As of March 2022, the CDMA 1X WIN service for au 3G mobile phones will end. Customers who are subscribed to the rate plans for 3G mobile phones, smartphones, data communication devices, and other devices listed on this page may continue to use their device until this service ends. However, after the service ends, you will need to change a model that supports 4G LTE.

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* As of November 07, 2018 (Wednesday), new applications are no longer accepted for the rate plans for 3G mobile phones, smartphones, data communication devices, and other devices listed on this page. (Only changes within the rate plans for 3G mobile phones, smartphones, data communication devices, and other devices will continue to be accepted.)

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Unlimited domestic voice calls 24 hours a day! Recommended for customers who use mainly voice calls.

Application Required


Monthly basic charge When 2-year contract [1] is applied ¥2,200
Before application for various discount services ¥3,700
Domestic calling charge To au mobile phones Free [3]
To other carriers' mobile phones or landline
Data communications charge You cannot use the Flat-rate Data service
Domestic SMS (C-mail) To au mobile phones Sending: ¥3/time Free for family members [2]
Receiving: Free
To other carriers' mobile phones and PHS
  • * This is a rate plan exclusively for the Simple Course and cannot be used with 4G LTE smartphones or prepaid services.
  • * Rate plans of the Full Support Course are used for contracts made by bringing in an au mobile phone.

Full Support Course (in Japanese only)

  • * When you subscribe to this plan, any currently applied discounts may be terminated. See below for details.


  • ★ Subscribers to the Unlimited Calling Plan(3G Mobile phone) cannot use Two-step data flat Super Light or other packet communication flat-rate services. A separate application for the EZ WIN Course (¥300/month) is required for using internet connection services. The maximum data communications charges for usage will be ¥20,000/month (¥0.08/packet).
    <For 3G smartphone users>
    If you do not apply for the IS NET Course internet connection service, you will be subscribed to au.NET (¥500/month for the month of use only). Smartphones may access the Internet in some applications even when a user does not operate the device. A subscription to the Unlimited Calling Plan(3G Mobile phone・Data), IS Flat or another packet communication flat-rate service is recommended.
  • [1]2-year contract is automatically renewed in two-year units. In the case of contract termination, a contract cancellation fee of ¥9,500 is incurred (excluding the renewal period).
    The following discount services also apply.
    -Monthly basic charge when 2-year contract (No automatic renewal) is applied... ¥2,500/month
    • * The month following the month of application is counted as the first month, and a contract cancellation fee (¥9,500) is incurred if the contract is cancelled within 2 years.
    -Monthly basic charge when Smile-heart Discount is applied... ¥2,000/month
  • [4]Sending SMS (C-mail) to family members within Japan is free when Family Discount is applied.

Eligible models

  • Feature Phone
  • 3G Smartphones

Universal service system

In accordance with the launch of the "Universal Service System", KDDI has begun imposing a "Universal Service Fee" on customers who signed contracts with us for their portion of usage since January, 2007.
See below for the details.

Universal service system


[Unlimited Calling - Domestic flat-rate voice call service]

  • [3]Flat-rate voice calls with this plan do not apply to voice calls to phone numbers starting with 0180, 0570 or other numbers that are charged by other carriers, voice calls to directory assistance (104), 1XY administration number services (188/189), SMS transmissions, voice calls to satellite phones/ship satellite phones, and voice calls to phone numbers that KDDI separately determines. Also, international calls and calls made to and from overseas are not applicable.
    In addition, calls that fall under the following situations and all the other calls made from that line are not covered by flat-rate voice calls with this plan, nor are any discount call services applicable other than this plan.
  • When using a mobile phone subscribed to this plan to connect to the customer's own communications equipment or to make an automatic call using software (except with the prior approval of KDDI in either case)
  • When using Unlimited Calling with the aim of gaining direct income from communications through communication mediation, use of the forwarding function or connecting to a service provided by another company
  • When using Unlimited Calling for purposes other than voice calls
    • *Should KDDI judge, for example, that a continuous call for a long period of time is affecting KDDI equipment, the call in question may be terminated
    • *Numbers that are specified by KDDI (such as the ones that are connected when using a telephone service provided by a carrier other than KDDI, and the ones that are continuously connected for a specified period for long-term or multiple communications due to a call that originates by a mechanical nature) are not eligible for flat-rate calls.

[Application of Charges]

  • * If applying when making a new subscription or switching models, the rate plan and Flat-rate Data service become applicable from the date of subscription or the date of switching models (the basic charge is prorated). If changing the contract, it becomes applicable from the month following the month of the change. If changing the contract or switching to a model you bring to a shop, the service becomes applicable from the month following the month of the change or switch. If you cancel in the middle of a month, the rate plan and Flat-rate Data service charges are not prorated and the flat rate is incurred (If not subscribed to 2-year contract or 2-year contract (No automatic renewal) the basic charge is prorated.).
  • * Check for other costs arising from the contract at the store.

[Communication speed restrictions for 3G communications]

  • * To avoid network congestion, a limit will be placed on communications speed for a whole day if you have used more than 3,000,000 packets over the three most recent days (not including the day on which the restriction is applied). The restricted speed will differ depending on data traffic conditions. In addition, other restrictions, such as a maximum character length or attachment file size per EZweb email and a maximum daily data communication volume of EZ apps, are applied according to conditions for providing these services.
  • * If packet communication charges reach a significant amount, phone lines may be temporarily suspended even if subscribed to the Flat-rate Data service.
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