Two-step data flat for Overseas(4G LTE)

What is Two-step data flat for Overseas?

This service is recommended for users who want to use the Internet overseas in the same way as they do in Japan and who are worried about expensive charges. (No application required!)

What is Two-step data flat for Overseas?

Two-step data flat for Overseas is a flat-rate overseas packet communication service. Up to approximately 24.4 MB of packet communication for a maximum charge of ¥1,980/day (tax exempt), and ¥2,980/day (exempt) no matter how much you use!
Of the approximately 200 countries in the world, Two-step data flat for Overseas can be applied to any service provider in 162 countries. With 4G LTE models, connections to carriers eligible for Two-step data flat for Overseas automatically established meaning you do not have to worry about overuse.

Packet communication charge / Upper limit (tax exempt) Application
Up to approximately 24.4MB (¥40,000) is a maximum of ¥1,980/day [*]
No matter how much you use, the maximum is ¥2,980/day [*]
Not required
  • * The upper limit is the amount for transmission during one day of Japan time (0:00 to 23:59), not the local time at the destination. This is not a monthly flat rate.


  • Note that packet communications used through a network not covered by Two-step data flat for Overseas are charged on a usage basis, possibly resulting in higher charges.
  • Note that in areas near national or regional borders, there is a risk of connecting to a carrier from the neighboring area that is not covered under Two-step data flat for Overseas.
  • Not eligible for Two-step data flat for Overseas if connected to a ship/airplane carrier.
    List of ship/airplane carriers

To check countries and regions where this service is available, see the map at the link below.

Service area map

Supported models

4G LTE models

  • iPhone (excluding iPhone 4S)
  • iPad
  • 4G LTE smartphone
  • 4G LTE Feature phone
  • Tablet
  • Data communication devices (devices supporting international roaming)

How to set

You need to set "overseas mode" on your mobile phone.
For 4G LTE models, a carrier is automatically selected within the Two-step data flat for Overseas service areas.

Applicable condition

Customers subscribed to LTE NET and LTE NET for DATA

Coverage areas

Only areas that are covered under the Two-step data flat for Overseas service are listed below.

The areas eligible for Two-step data flat for Overseas differ with 4G LTE models and 3G models. Customers using 3G models, click here to check eligible areas.



Afghanistan India Indonesia Cambodia
Cyprus Singapore Sri Lanka Thailand
Pakistan Bangladesh Philippines Viet Nam
Macau Malaysia Myanmar Mongolia
Laos South Korea Hong Kong Taiwan


Australia Guam Cook Islands Christmas Island
Saipan Samoa New Zealand Hawaii


Iceland Ireland Azerbaijan Azores
Armenia U.K. Italy Ukraine
Uzbekistan Estonia Austria Netherlands
Kazakhstan Greece Kyrgyzstan Georgia
Croatia Kosovo San Marino Switzerland
Sweden Spain Slovak Slovenia
Serbia Tajikistan Czech Republic Denmark
Germany Turkey Norway Vatican City
Hungary Finland Faroe Islands France
Bulgaria Belarus Belgium Poland
Portugal Macedonia Madeira Malta
Monaco Moldova Montenegro Latvia
Lithuania Liechtenstein Romania Luxembourg
Russian Fed.      

North America

U.S.A (Alaska) U.S.A Canada  

Central and South America

Argentina Aruba Anguilla Antigua & Barbuda
Ecuador El Salvador Guyana Curacao(Netherlands Antilles)
Guadalupe Guatemala Grenada Cayman Islands
Saba&Saint Eustatius(Netherlands Antilles) Saint Martin(Netherlands Antilles) Jamaica Suriname
Saint Christopher and Nevis St. Vincent & the Grenadines St. Lucia Turks and Caicos Islands
Chile Commonwealth of Dominica Dominican Rep. Trinidad and Tobago
Nicaragua Republic of Haiti Panama Bermuda
Barbados Puerto Rico Brazil French Guiana
Peru Bonaire(Netherlands Antilles) Honduras Martinique
Mexico Montserrat British Virgin Is. USA Virgin Is

Middle East

United Arab Emirates Israel Iraq Iran
Oman Qatar Kuwait Saudi Arabia


Algeria Angola Uganda Egypt
Ghana Cape Verde Canary Islands Gabon
Cameroon Congo (Demo.) Zambia Spanish North Africa
Seychelles Tanzania Central Africa Tunisia
Togo Namibia Niger Burkina Faso
Benin Botswana Mayotte Mauritius
Rwanda Lesotho Reunion South Africa
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    • Portuguese

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    • Chinese

      0120-959-476(Toll Free)

    • Korean

      0120-959-478(Toll Free)

    • Japanese

      157(Toll Free)from au phones

      0077-7-111(Toll Free)

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