Data Gift

The Data Gift service allows family members to give data quantities to each other, ensuring that no data quantities are wasted.

Monthly fee Application
Not required Not required


For example, a parent can give a quantity of data to their child in real time in 0.5GB units.

  • * There is an upper limit on the amount that can be given with Data Gift. Check the amount on the Data Charge website.
  • * By using in combination with Data Carryover, you can take advantage of the unused data amount.

Data Carryover

Difference between Data Gift and Data Present

  Data Gift Data Present
Data given away Data is given away in 0.5GB units from monthly data amount Newly purchased data is given away
Person receiving data Family member
(If conditions are satisfied)
Any friend or family member with an eligible model
(Entering an au phone number and name required)

Data Present

Conditions and eligible models/plans

Use between family members is available if all of the following conditions are satisfied.

< Conditions >

  • (1) Each line is subscribed to Data Charge
  • (2) Each line is subscribed to a Flat-rate Data services or rate plan below
  • (3) Subscribed to au Smart Value or applied to combined billing or the KDDI Collective Billing Service
Eligible models Eligible Flat-rate Data services/rate plans
4G LTE Smartphone
4G LTE feature phone

* Plans whose applications are no longer accepted

Click here for eligible plans

4G LTE Tablet
4G LTE capable PC
  • LTE Flat for DATA(m)
  • LTE Flat for DATA(m) ds


  • * Data quantities purchased with Data Charge are not eligible for Data Gifts.
  • * If you are performing transfer procedures, you cannot be selected as the recipient of a Data Gift until the day following the procedure.
  • * Data Gifts are unavailable from 11 PM of the last day of the month to 9 AM of the first day of the following month due to periodic maintenance.
  • By phoneOpen 9:00 – 20:00

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    • Tagalog

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    • Japanese
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