2-year contract

Basic charges are discounted in continuous 2-year units.

Timing of application Applied in current month Application Required


Basic charges
au Adjust Plan
au Flat Plan
Unlimited Calling Plan S(Smart phone)
Unlimited Calling Plan(Smart phone)
Unlimited Calling Plan S(Mobile phone)
Unlimited Calling Plan(Mobile phone)
Unlimited Calling Plan(3G Mobile phone)
Unlimited Calling Plan(3G Mobile phone・Data)
¥1,500 OFF

For rate plans other than those listed above, check the page of the rate plan.
The discount amount differs for each rate plan.

Charge discounts

  • * By subscribing in combination with Family Discount, domestic calls to members in the same Family Discount group are free 24 hours a day!
    2-year contract + Family Discount
  • * The names of rate plans and data flat rate services for 4G LTE (au VoLTE) Android™ smartphones have " (V) ".

About the contract period

About the contract period
  • ★1 As of March 2019, the renewal period for 2-year contracts has changed from 2 months to 3 months. (This also applies to currently contracted customers.)

Click here for more details (in Japanese only)

  • The 2-year contract contract terms are in two-year units, and the period from the subscription date to the following month is counted as the first month.
  • The two-year contract period will be renewed automatically unless you request termination.
  • Excluding the renewal period, if you cancel or suspend your contract, or terminate 2-year contract, you incur a contract cancellation fee of ¥9,500, regardless of how many years you have been subscribed to 2-year contract. The cancellation fee is not incurred in the renewal period. After your 11th year as an au subscriber, if you are subscribed to 2-year contract and Family Discount (or Business Discount) , the contract cancellation fee is ¥3,000.
  • If 1-year contract, 2-year contract (no automatic renewal) or other discount service is switched to 2-year contract, a contract cancellation fee is not incurred and the contract term for the previous service is not continued. However, if Tablet Plan ds (3-year contract) / (3-year contract/L) or WiMAX2+ Flat for DATA (4-year contract) is switched to 2-year contract, a contract cancellation fee is incurred and the contract term for the previous service is not continued.
  • If the contract is cancelled or suspended, or 2-year contract is terminated, the discount applies up to the usage of the current month.

Eligible models

  • 4G LTE Smartphones
  • 3G Smartphones
  • iPhone
  • 4G LTE Feature Phone
  • Feature Phone
  • 3G Data Device
  • 4G LTE Tablet
  • iPad
  • +WiMAX
  • WiMAX 2+
  • 4G LTE-compatible PC

List of combinations of rate discount services

For the rate discount services that can be combined with 2-year contract, click the link below.

List of combined rate discount services (in Japanese only)


  • For customers using the Rate plan for the Full Support course in the Full Support course, a contract cancellation fee will not be incurred.
  • If you sign up for the 2-year contract and either the Family Discount or Business Discount, you receive the basic usage charge discount provided by the 2-year contract, as well as the domestic call discounts and free SMS (C-mail) among family or group members, provided by the Family Discount or Business Discount. If you select the Sharing Course, free call sharing is applicable.
  • If you subscribe to Simple Plan S or Simple Plan L, 2-year contract is not applied.

Combine 2-year contract [1] with Family Discount for even better savings!!

  • Free domestic calls among family 24 hours a day[2]
  • Free SMS (C-mail) among family[2]
  • Remaining free call allowance in a plan with free call allowance can be shared within the current month.[3]
  • Combine up to ten lines.Get individual bills for each family member.
  • Families living separately can also apply
  • [1]2-year contract (No automatic renewal) is also eligible.
    2-year contract (No automatic renewal)
  • [2]Applies to voice calls and SMS transmissions to family members subscribed to the same Family Discount.
  • [3]

    If using the Sharing Course.

    • Sharing is not available when using the VK Plan S, VK Plan M, VK Plan, Unlimited Calling Plan S(Mobile phone) , Unlimited Calling Plan (Mobile phone) , or LTE Plan (S) .
    • The CARRY OVER Course can also be selected.


Make sure to check the notes on domestic calls to family members and company employees.

  • * Calls to family members and company employees within Japan are free provided that you are signed up to both Family Discount (or Business Discount) and 2-year contract (or Smile-heart Discount) . If you have used au for an especially long time (from the eleventh year of subscription onward) , you can make free domestic calls to family members and company employees with a Family Discount (or Business Discount) and 1-year contract combination as well. If you do not meet the requirements, you will not qualify for free calls, even to family members or company employees. "Family members and company employees" means members of a family or company employees who are enrolled in the same Family Discount or Business Discount plan. The Family Discount (or Business Discount) contract is for two to ten lines. Charges for calls made with a CDMA prepaid card, and calls outside of Japan are not free. If a call extends for a long period of time or if KDDI deems that it may interfere with other communications traffic, KDDI may terminate the call.
  • * The remaining free calls from other family members cannot be applied to over-limit packet communications charges and international calling charges (including calling charges for the au International Calling Service) or overseas au World Service calling charges and data transmission charges.
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