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Family Discount

Sending SMS to family members within Japan is free!
With Everybody Discount + Family Discount, domestic calls between family members are free for 24 hours a day.

Flat rate Application
Not required Required


  • Up to 10 lines can be eligible. Family members living apart are also eligible.
  • Sending SMS to family members within Japan is free!
  • Bills can be sent to each family member.
  • Unused free calls in a rate plan with the free call allowance can be shared in the corresponding month.[1]
  • [1]If subscribed to Family Discount, you can select the Sharing Course and Carry Over Course.
    • Sharing is not available when using the VK Plan S, VK Plan M, VK Plan, Unlimited Calling Plan S(Mobile phone), Unlimited Calling Plan(Mobile phone), or LTE Plan(S).
    • Packet communication charges are not eligible for sharing.
    • Even if there is only one line within a family that has selected the Sharing Course due to plan changes in other lines of that group caused by subscribing to Family Discount, members of that family will not automatically be switched to the CARRY OVER Course. An application is required for changing the course.
  • An application to Family Discount only is acceptable. However, the discount content is different from that of Everybody Discount + Family Discount.

    Basic charge Calling charges between family members within Japan
    Everybody Discount
    Family Discount
    50% OFF Free for 24 hours a day
    Family Discount only 25% OFF 30% OFF
    (60% OFF combined with a specified discount service)

    Save more with Everybody Discount + Family Discount

    Eligible models

    • 4G LTE smartphones
    • 3G smartphones
    • iPhone
    • 4G LTE Feature Phone
    • Feature Phone

    Application conditions

    • Contracts must be under your name or your family member’s name (excludes corporate customers).
    • The number of lines that can be contracted is from 2 to 10 lines.
    • *When applying, documentation proving a family member’s relationship may be required.
      Click here for more details (in Japanese only)
    • *You cannot apply multiple times to multiple Family Discount groups using the same au phone number.

    Application period

    Months in which this service is applicable

    List of combinations of rate discount

    For the rate discount services that can be combined with Family Discount, click the link below.

    List of combined rate discount services (in Japanese only)



    • The discount does not apply to E-mail transmissions, EZ apps transmission charges, au World Service calling and transmission charges for calls made and transmission services used abroad, and calling charges from CDMA prepaid cards.
    • Unused free calls of other family members cannot be applied to excess of packet communication charges, international calling charges (including au International Calling Service calling charges), or au World Service calling and transmission charges for calls made and transmission services used abroad. In addition, unused free calling charges of the subscribers of packet communication flat-rate or discount service cannot be applied to packet communication charges of other family members.
    • If you apply for call invoices with collective billing, the invoices are collectively sent to the billing address.
    • When combined with Everybody Discount or Smile-heart Discount, those discounts take precedence, and the Family Discount basic charge discount is not applicable.
    • Domestic calls to family members within Japan are free if you subscribe to Everybody Discount (Smile-heart Discount is also applicable) + Family Discount.If subscribers to au for the 11th year or more use One-year Discounted Subscription + Family Discount, this discount is also applicable.
    • If a subscriber terminates the discount, or cancels or suspends the line in the month of renewal of Everybody Discount or One-year Discounted Subscription (if an au subscriber for the 11th year or more), each discount is applied until the end of the previous month.For this reason, calls to family members are not free in the month of the cancellation, termination, or suspension of the above services.
    • If you cancel Family Discount, the discount is applied until the end of the previous month
    • Discount not applied to monthly basic charges if subscribed to Unlimited Calling Plan S(Smart phone), Unlimited Calling Plan(Smart phone), Unlimited Calling Plan S(Mobile phone), Unlimited Calling Plan(3G Mobile phone), Unlimited Calling Plan(3G Mobile phone・Data) or Unlimited Calling Plan(Smart phone)(CP).
      *New applications for Unlimited Calling Plan(Smart phone)(CP) is no longer accepted as of September 1, 2015.

    *All of the indicated amounts exclude tax unless otherwise specified.