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Enhance your savings with the Everybody Discount + Family Discount

Combine Everybody Discount[1] with Family Discount for even better savings!!

  • Free domestic calls among family 24 hours a day[2]
  • Free SMS (C-mail) among family[2]
  • Remaining free call allowance in a plan with free call allowance can be shared within the current month.[3]
  • Combine up to ten lines.Get individual bills for each family member.
  • Families living separately can also apply
  • [1]Everybody Discount Light is also eligible.
    Everybody Discount Light
  • [2]Applies to voice calls and SMS transmissions to family members subscribed to the same Family Discount.
  • [3]

    If using the Sharing Course.

    • Sharing is not available when using the VK Plan S, VK Plan M, VK Plan, Unlimited Calling Plan S(Mobile phone), Unlimited Calling Plan(Mobile phone), or LTE Plan(S).
    • The CARRY OVER Course can also be selected.


Make sure to check the notes on domestic calls to family members and company employees.

  • * Calls to family members and company employees within Japan are free provided that you are signed up to both Family Discount (or Business Discount) and Everybody Discount (or Smile-heart Discount). If you have used au for an especially long time (from the eleventh year of subscription onward), you can make free domestic calls to family members and company employees with a Family Discount (or Business Discount) and One-year Discounted Subscription combination as well. If you do not meet the requirements, you will not qualify for free calls, even to family members or company employees. "Family members and company employees" means members of a family or company employees who are enrolled in the same Family Discount or Business Discount plan. The Family Discount (or Business Discount) contract is for two to ten lines. Charges for calls made with a CDMA prepaid card, and calls outside of Japan are not free. If a call extends for a long period of time or if KDDI deems that it may interfere with other communications traffic, KDDI may terminate the call.
  • * The remaining free calls from other family members cannot be applied to over-limit packet communications charges and international calling charges (including calling charges for the au International Calling Service) or overseas au World Service calling charges and data transmission charges.

*All of the indicated amounts exclude tax unless otherwise specified.